Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hong Kong Trip - First Day in Hong Kong

We went to Sun Tung Lok Restaurant at Miramar Shopping Centre to have our first meal in Hong Kong. This is a two-michelin-star restaurant and we would like to taste the good meal there.

We arrived in the restaurant at about 2:00 pm. The dimsum selection for lunch was not too extensive. But we would like to try the dimsum. We were so hungry we did not take photo at all.

We ordered:
1. Siew mai - this is the best I have ever eaten so far
2. Har gao - the skin tastes nice with texture, the filling is full of tasty prawns
3. Char siew bao - the bun is soft, the pork filling is sooo nice
4. Bao with pork and pickles - I didn't get any bite
5. Fried yam ball - just so-so
6. Beef chee cheong fun - not as good as the one we had in Guangzhouo
7. Pork chee cheong fun - this tastes better than the beef version because of the pork

After that, we walked from Miramar to visit The Avenue of Stars.


The Avenue of Stars is located at Tsim Sha Shui Promenade and was opened since end April 2004. The existence of this place is to tribute the Hong Kong artists in TV industry and to promote the tourism in Hong Kong. This place really succeeded to be one of the majour tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

The first statue that greeted us when we arrived
Me and mom <3
The view of Hong Kong

We walked along the promenade and saw the palm prints of the singers, actors, and actresses. I only knew some because I was not so into Chinese artists.

Another statue
Matching the hand

In the middle of the promenade, there is a statue of Bruce Lee to pay a tribute to him. He was the biggest star in Hong Kong's film industry.

Bruce Lee's Statue and Fake Bruce Lee
My favourite photo!
And there is this statue too! He is the first cartoon character made in Hong Kong.
Bye Avenue of Stars!

We then went back to the hotel, checked ourselves into the room, rested our butts for a while, and got back out to visit Temple Street Night Market. Temple Street Night Market sells all kind of merchandises, clothes, jades, antiques, etc. There are fortune tellers and restaurants too. This night market is known as Men's Street, as compared the counterpart, Ladies' Market.

Temple Street Night Market

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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