Tuesday, May 5, 2015

China Trip - Exploring Moon Hill and Silver Cave at Yangshuo

The day before we saw Water Moon Cave. Today we went to see Moon Hill.

Moon Hill or Yueliang Shan got its name from the natural semicircular arch below its peak. The limestone cave looks like a moon from afar.

Before our tour guide picked us up at 09:00 am, we had breakfast at West Street. Only a few shops located at the side alleys were opened in the morning. So we headed to a small shop and had our noodle breakfast there.

Walking to get breakfast

Apart from the breakfast, we got a bonus. A great view. Really great view.

I want to wake up and see this kind of view everyday

We checked out and moved our luggages out from West Street. Luckily it was in the morning and almost nobody was there so we could manoeuvre easily.

Jack drove us to a small area where we could see the hill clearly and snap some pictures.

The semi-circular arch directly below the peak looks like a moon
Holding the moon

After that short stopover, we went to Silver Cave. Silver Cave is a must-go when visiting Guilin and Yangshuo area. This is a karst landscape full of stalactites and stalagmites that form various shapes. The cave is decorated with colourful lighting.

The golden key. The limestone forms the shape of a key. 
Buddha teaching His disciples.
Maybe a horse or phoenix there. I forgot.
The pillar of heaven and earth.
Curtain again? Waterfall? Banyan tree?
Can you see the reflection on the water?
What do you think this is?

When we moved into the cave, a big group of tourists were behind us. Jack is the type of tour guides that hates crowds. As much as possible, he avoided us bumping with the crowds. He kept telling us to move when other people were approaching. He then explained that we would only walk the first half of the cave where the sights were the best. After that we would U-turn and visit back those that we had missed.

So, this is the one that we missed in front.

Peacock! And I am flying with her.

We spent about one hour touring this place. What a worthy RMB 65 (~SGD) of our life!

Thanks for the experience, Silver Cave!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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