Sunday, May 3, 2015

China Trip - Our Fate to Meet with Bruce Tian

When dad told me he wanted to go to China, I told myself that I would not want to follow a tour by tour agency. Not only it would restrict our time to visit the tourist attractions, it would also include a lot of visit to tea house, silk factory, pearl shop, medicine store, etc. etc.

I had enough of it when visiting Shanghai and Beijing in 2012.

So I decided to find a local tour guide to assist our group ONLY.

And I found Bruce Tian recommended by a lot of people in trip advisor and viator.

These are my comments about his service:

  1. He was prompt in replying all my messages via e-mail.
  2. He helped me in the planning process by advising the best way to do the intercity transfer and helping me to book the hotels/flight tickets/train tickets.
  3. He also kindly advised me on the money to be brought to cater for the food and other necessity there.
  4. When we arrived in Zhangjiajie, he was already there waiting for us in the airport. He's punctual.
  5. Throughout the journey, we were crazy about taking photos. When we found a good spot, all of us would take photos over and over. He did not rush us to move. Instead he waited patiently and let us take our great times.
  6. We were a group that always joked ang laughed. He bore with us and he even blended in with us.
  7. He prioritized the client. He understood that we went to Zhangjiajie not to queue and he tried as much as possible to avoid the queue at Zhangjiajie National Park Bailong Lift. He rerouted us to another entrance which meant more work for him, but he did it gladly.
  8. He helped us in bargaining when we wished to take the sedan chair service because he said he was part of our team when he was with us.
  9. He was very attentive and responsible. There were two older member in our group and he constantly checked on them to know their condition. He even congratulated them when they made the journey and made them so happy.
  10. When we were at Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, two of us lost the trail of our group and lost our way. He searched for us ups and downs but he did not show any black face. He was just relieved when he found us. He's a responsible guide.
  11. Before going to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, he told us about the place and he honestly said that the two elders might not make it. However, he did not simply dump them somewhere to wait. He cracked his head to see whether they could spend some fruitful time while the rest were having fun. In the end, all agreed that the two elders should wait at the exit where they could do some shopping.
  12. At Tianmen Mountain, he warned us about the queue at the cable car terminal. He gladly helped us to buy some lunch when we queued so that we did not waste too much time.
  13. When he found that the glass platform that we were going to go was closed for maintenance, he advised another one. Although it was further away and it meant more works for him, he gladly did it so that we could experience the glass walking.
  14. He kept asking about our opinion and did not just dictate us about what to do next. When we finished the glass walking, he asked us whether we wanted to go to the summit or Tianmen Cave. When we chose Tianmen Cave, he did not brush us off and told us that it was too late. Instead he laid the possibilities to us: the queue to take the cable car back to the middle station was long, the queue to the shuttle bus might be long, it was getting dark very soon. However, he said that we should try first. And we made it there!
  15. On 21 April 2015, we were supposed to take the minibus to Changsha Train Station and continue our journey to Guilin. He did not include the quote of his service for that particular item because we would be just sitting in the car for 5 hours. However, he went extra mile by ensuring us having a good journey. He kept discussing with the driver on the right departure time, he helped us to discuss with the hotel to get the breakfast packed for us, he even stayed overnight nearby the hotel to send us off in the early morning.

Our journey in Zhangjiajie was a very fun one. And I really think that we were blessed to meet with Bruce Tian.

We were having FUN

I hope this short write-up about his service can help other people to find him and use his service. Because all the good things MUST be shared.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

Next Post - Hello Guilin!

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