Saturday, May 2, 2015

China Trip - Walking 800 Steps Down zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Our last day in Zhangjiajie.

Morning was filled with Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon consists of a long and narrow gorge in between two stony mountains that leads to a stream. The streams flow amongst the cliffs and caves. According to the folklore, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon was called Lanchuanxia or Rotten Ship Gorge since the stream kept gushing rotten boards of ships. Another name for this place was Luanquanxia or Massive Springs Gorge due to abundant springs flowing at the gorge.

The ticket cost RMB 142 (~SGD 31) that included the entrance fee, slide, and boat ride. From the entrance of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, we started our decent on the Sky Ladder, an 800-step stairway leading to the midway of the canyon.

Steep stairway, a torture for ankles and knees
Still happy though
Luckily there were still landings for us to rest and take pictures
Almost at the end of the stairway, there was a sign pointing to 'the crack on the cliff'. I followed the sign and noticed a big crack at the side of the mountain. The crack would be getting bigger and in the future, the rocks would fall down.

Can you spot the crack?
This is called 'One Sky Line'

We completed the decent but we were not at the bottom yet. From here, we started our journey down by a stone slide. Fun, huh?

First, we were asked to keep all our belongings in the bags, put on cotton gloves and clothes on our back. There were two portions of the slides for us to play.

We are ready!
This is how the slide looks like. Safe and fun, as long as you don't meet old uncles/aunties sliding before you.

After having fun with the slide, we took some rest before continuing our journey at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon by walking along the stream and enjoying the view.

The stream with high flow 
The view when I looked back
The waterfall

At certain point, we found the water turning still and the colour turning milky turquoise green. It was the dam that was built to contain the water. So wonderful!

I am falling in love again

We also passed by a glass bridge. The bottom of this bridge is clear glass. We could see how the water gushing at the edge of the dam towards the bottom part of the stream.

I am so lucky to be able to visit this place

We continued walking until we reached a cave. Bruce told us that it was complete darkness inside the cave but we were not allowed to turn on our mobile phones. We should walk pass the cave by touching the edge of the cave. He said this cave was called 'Momo Dong' or 'Touching Cave'.

Walkway on top of the stream leading to the cave
Momo Dong

After passing the cave, we were greeted by another magnificent view. A lake!

Green water. Green mountains. Brown wooden walkway. Blue sky. White clouds. What more to ask?

And we boarded the boat that brought us to the exit of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Outside the exit, there were a row of shops selling different kind of things, like nuts, herbal tea, roasted chestnuts, souvenirs, etc. etc.

We had fun. Yeay!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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