Tuesday, May 5, 2015

China Trip - The Best Spot of Viewing Li River atop Xianggong Hill

Our last itinerary in Guilin and Yangshuo are is Xianggong Hill. Xianggong Hill is located at the west bank of Li River. It is top rated place to view Li River from the top. 

Jack brought us to a viewing platform after the minibus climbed the hill for a while. When we alighted from the car, we were wonderstruck by the view.

All the mountains
And some more mountains
And mountains again
Happy face

The viewing platform overlooks the mountain side but the top of Xianggong Hill overlooks the other side, which is the Li River. The minibus took us up and up again until the entrance of Xianggong Hill. We then purchased the ticket which cost RMB 20 (~SGD 4.5) per pax before climbing up the steps to the summit.

We were climbing these steps to reach the top

Jack told us that it took 15 minutes to climb up to the top but I took 12 minutes. I was so proud of my achievement. He even congratulated me. :D

At the top with a happy face

There is three-tier viewing platform at the top. We explored two of them. Beautiful!

The viewing platform
Li River from the top
I am in love~~~

Panoramic view from the viewing platform
No wonder this place is a famous photography spot

We spent around 20 minutes at the summit and 8 minutes to rush down. We were in a rush because we needed to catch our high speed train to Guangzhou.

From Xianggong Hill to Guilin South Railway Station, it took about one hour. We reached the train station just in time for our train.

Guangzhou next!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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