Tuesday, May 5, 2015

China Trip - Serene Yulong River

Yulong River is a small tributary of Li River. It is running from North Yangshuo along some villages before joining into Li River. Yulong River is shallow, only about 5m deep, and relies only on bamboo raft to transport people and goods. No motorized boats are allowed in this river, which results in a quiet and clean river.

A stretch of this river has been made as a tourist attraction by China government. Tourists need to pay RMB 150 (~SGD 33) to enjoy the bamboo raft. The local rafters will operate the raft and the tourists just need to relax and enjoy.

Just sit back and enjoy the breeze
The quiet and peaceful Yulong

At certain points along the rafting route, there were some drops created. I guess the purpose is to create certain thrilling experience throughout the 45-minute journey. Else, some people will be so bored they fall asleep or fall into the river. LOL.

At the end of the route, before the raft turned back to the starting point, we were greeted by some photographers and instant printing services. This one is different with the printing service that we found during our Li River Cruise as it is run by the government.

1. The photographer arranges your poses
2. The printed photo costs RMB 5 more expensive than other places
3. You will be asked to choose the photos in the computer and once you say 'ok' there is no turning back, you need to purchase

The artificial drops

We were not allowed to take photos at the 'commercial' area. But basically, the photographers will snap you a few times when you are dropped on a mini waterfall. After that the rafter will bring you to a wooden hut where all the printings are done. You will be asked to pose a few times before alighting from the boat to select your pictures.

Please be careful when selecting the pictures since the people are so harsh. Do not say 'nice' or 'ok' because they will straightaway print all nice-s and okay-s and force you to pay.

So the trick is to say no until the end of the photo series and ask the person to re-run the photos. On the second round, it will go slower and you can choose what you really likes.

To be honest, the printing quality is not up to standards. But you will have nothing if you don't buy as it is the best spot along the route.

For me, selfies with the rafter will be enough

After about an hour there, we finished our relaxation and we were starving. Jack brought us to the best boutique hotel in Yangshuo for lunch. The place is called Tea Cozy Boutique Hotel.

This boutique hotel is located nearby Yulong River and it is so peaceful in here. The architecture is so chinese from the gate to the inside. With the cooling weather, it is a perfect relaxation to stay here. However, Tea Cozy is a bit far from Yangshuo city centre.

The lobby. Nice, huh?

The restaurant serves both chinese and western food. We were seated at the porch of the hotel on an antique table setting. We ordered spring rolls, tofu balls, sweet and sour chickens, stir-fried brocollis, hot pot eggplants, and also a pizza. The taste of the food is nice!

The beautiful place to have lunch
Special Tea Cozy Pizza

Without our realization, our time in Yangshuo almost came to the end.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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