Thursday, May 7, 2015

China & Hong Kong Trip - Crossing Borders to Hong Kong

Our schedule in China finally came to an end. Despite the tiredness of walking ups and downs, the cold and the wetness of the rain, we were so happy to be able to complete the journey. Especially for my parents and their peers, in 10 years time, they might not be able to endure such a journey already.

Farewell, China!

It's time to bid farewell to Guangzhou. The driver drove us to the bus station besides Marriot Hotel for our 8:30 am bus. There were seat numbers on our tickets but we were told that it's free seating.

While waiting with all the luggages and bags

So after waiting and having a quick breakfast from nearby McD, we boarded the bus at around 08:20 am and the journey started on time. It was a short journey to Shenzhen Checkpoint.

At around 10:30am, we reached the checkpoint and we were asked to unload all our luggages and drag them to clear China's immigration. The queue to the immigration was as long as dragon. We queued for about half an hour, I guess.

However, there was still one more checkpoint to clear: Hong Kong's immigration.

Luckily we did not need to board the bus again to another building. These two checkpoints are connected. We just continued to roll our luggages and place ourselves in the queue again.

When we cleared Hong Kong's immigration, we went to the correct bus berth to wait for our bus. And the bus took forever to come!

I stopped looking at the time. I just knew that we waited so very long for the bus. The journey to Wan Chai MTR Station was not even as long as the waiting time.

We reached Wan Chai MTR Station at around 01:00 pm and then we took taxi to our hotel at Kowloon.

When we halted the first taxi at the place where we were dropped off, the taxi driver refused to take us because the was not familiar with Kowloon. He told us to walk towards the MTR station and turn right to find the taxi stand because all the taxis there would go to Kowloon. All the taxi in his direction would be going to Hong Kong city.

Only then we knew that there were territories for the taxi driver in Hong Kong. So, we followed his instruction and found our taxi.

We asked to be driven to Inn Hotel Hong Kong located nearby Yau Ma Tei MTR Station at Kowloon area. It was not a long journey but it cost us quite a lot. HKD 150 (~SGD 26) for about 15-20 minutes ride. The high cost was due to the toll fee.

Outside of the hotel

Inn Hotel Hong Kong was a new establishment at Kowloon. It is located right by the corner of Yau Ma Tei MTR station, about 3 minutes walk from the station. In front of the hotel, there were quite a number of restaurants. By crossing the road, Temple Street Night Market is in your palm. Walking a little bit further, you will find Mongkok and its famous Ladies' Market.

We were not allowed to check in yet because the rooms were not ready. But the manager's of the hotel greeted us so warmly and he gave us quite a number of maps for our direction. So we decided to have our lunch and did our itinerary before coming back to the hotel in the evening.

Hello, Hong Kong!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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