Friday, May 1, 2015

China Trip - Mountain Top Baofeng Lake

Our first itinerary was to visit Baofeng Lake at Wulingyuan area. Baofeng Lake was surrounded by stony mountain peaks. That's how it got its name which meant the precious peak.

Our minibus stopped us at the entrance of Wulingyuan Scenic Area. There were two options of reaching the lake, either by walking or taking shuttle bus. Since our group consisted of older age people, we opted for shuttle bus with additional RMB 50 (~SGD 11) from the entrance fee of RMB 96 (~SGD 20).

The entrance of Wulingyuan Scenic Area
Even the view at the entrance took my breath away!

After Bruce got our tickets, we proceeded inside and queue for the shuttle bus. It did not take us long to wait as the shuttle bus came quite frequently.

Queue queue queue

The shuttle bus dropped us nearby the pier. From there, we hopped on to a guided boat. Throughout the journey, a guide kept explaining about the lake, about the shapes of the mountains (she said some looked like camel, some like whale, etc etc). There were some traditional huts built on the lake and when the boat passed by, a girl or a guy would appear and start singing the folk songs.

The pier where we boarded the boat
The boat! 
The Ah-Mei singing the traditional song when we passed by 
The guide said it was a monkey
And that's the whale! 
That's another thing which I forgot what
Overall the scenery was magnificent!

After circling the lake, we took the shuttle bus back to the foot of the mountain. However, it was not the end of the journey at Wulingyuan. We visited Baofeng Waterfall where the water came from the lake at the top. The water channel through the creeks of the stony mountains and create a waterfall.

Baofeng Waterfall with some Ah Meis available for phototaking with price
A wooden bridge and some stone steps were built to create more impressions. And yes it's impressive.
My favourite maple tree in nearby the waterfall

We spent three hours or so at this place. Bruce then brought us to a famous restaurant in Zhangjiajie before dropping us at Pullman Hotel for our three-night stay.

We had dinner in one of the shophouses. I like how the town is arranged. Old but new.
Pullman Hotel Zhangjiajie
Good night!

We were so exhausted by the long journey till we slept with the lights on!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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