Saturday, November 1, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Hello Taipei, Hello Ningxia Night Market

We sat comfortably in the train that brought us to Taipei and reached Taipei Main Station around 8:30pm.

Business class???

This time, no running and no rushing. We walked elegantly and graciously out of the TRA Station, directed ourselves to the ticket vending machine and bought our Easy Card for NTD 100 (~SGD 4.5) per card. No worry, this NTD 100 is refundable.

After adding the usable value inside the Easy Card, we walked to MRT Station and took the train to Shuanglian Station.

I have booked a room in C U Hotel for about SGD 110 per night. The hotel is located about 3 blocks from the train station. Just walk out, turn left and walk all the way. Until you pass by a police station, you know you are near.

C U Hotel is located just at the row of the shophouses. There is a big glass door with its name on it. The lobby and the entire hotel is at the second floor.

What you will see at the corridor
I'll start with the toilet, reasonable size but without any gutter when you shower everything just spill everywhere
And the room is just a little bit bigger from the toilet and it is not square!

Despite all the limitations in this room, I was still happy to have a roof to shelter me. Anyway, the location of this hotel is superb. Walk out of the hotel and find Ningxia Night Market at the doorstep, literally.

We dropped our luggages and walked to Ningxia Night Market for our late dinner.

The whole night market just sells foods with some arcades at the back. Other than those street food stalls covering the road, you can find rows of restaurant by the sides of the road. It is not big but happening.

Ningxia Night Market: Food & Human

We walked one round before deciding what to buy. Some stalls actually had places for people to sit, so we bought some foods from different stalls and brought it to one place. That's the concept of dinner by Ah Yi. So we just followed her.

Ai Yu Lemon Tea with Pearl
Pork Dumpling
Some kind of Yong Tou Fu with don't-know-what Sauce

Fried Noodle in Egg Blanket

Not much, yes. I was so tempted to queue for a fried chicken with special sauce and crispy yam cake that had so many people queueing. But Ah Yi kept saying don't, why should you queue, yadda yadda yadda. Whether I am too Singaporean or she doesn't know that some things are worth for queueing.

So we went back, showered, watched some TV, and slept.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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