Saturday, November 1, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Beware of Sands Flies in Taiwan

On the fourth day, Mom started to rant about how itchy her legs were. She said maybe it was because she used the soap given by the hotel and her sensitive skin reacted to it.

I did not think about it until I experienced it.

It was three days after I landed back in Singapore. It started in the morning. Suddenly I felt my legs were so itchy and some red swollen patches on my legs. It looked like mosquito bites.

By afternoon, some turned to many. I used menthol medication oil but to no use.

The next day, there were more than 100 on my left leg and about 70 on my right leg.

Red. Swollen. Itchy.

This was how it looked like
And it has been almost one month, but nothing improved. Sometimes the itch went away, sometimes it came back. I try so hard to resist scratching it but my sensitive skin is totally against me.

How my legs look like now

It's getting more reddish, more swollen patches, more rashes, and some wounds.

I can survive in air conditioned room, but once I go out, the itch just comes back.

So Guys, please beware of sands fly when you are going to Qixingtan. Apply some insect repellant on the exposed skin. I am quite sure those damn things bit me there.

I wish nobody catch this after me.

It makes my life miserable.


Love is in the air,
Little Feet

Taiwan Trip - fin

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