Saturday, November 1, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Going Out of City to Jiufen

The next morning we planned to catch 9:00am train to Ruifang. From Ruifang we would transfer to Jinguashi and Jiufen.

So we walked from the hotel to Taipei Main Station for about 5 minutes. We then just walked into the train platform using our easy cards.

We had our breakfast in the train.

From 7-Eleven and I love it!

I was continuously amazed by how Taiwan kept its cleanliness. Everybody is allowed to eat inside the train, there is not much rubbish bin, no threat of fines. However, everybody plays his part to be a good citizen, a good tourist. I hope Singapore can learn from Taiwan.

And we took selfie1

After reaching Ruifang Station, we walked across the street to catch the bus to Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park. Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park is a preserved mining town. This place used to be a mining town during Japanese occupation. There are a lot of areas open for public, like the Crown Prince Chalet, Benshan Tunnel, etc.

The bus ride to Jinguashi was a tough one. Ruifang was located at the foot of the hill, Jinguashi was located up there around the peak. The road was winding like hell,

And to my surprise, when we reached there, most of the area was closed for general cleaning. This cleaning happens every first Monday of the month. So, be reminded not to plan your visit on FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH.

The gate. No notice. Nothing.
The chalet was closed.
A few shops were still opened.
I walked up as Mom and Ah Yi waited downstairs. I got the impression they didn't like the place.

So I walked up. If I continued to walk, I could go a temple at the end of the hill. But I just walked halfway because I didn't want them to be too bored waiting for me down there.

The Benshan Tunnel was closed too
I continued walking 
The view. Oh God.
A beancurd stall where quite a number of people patronized

So we walked back to the front gate and waited for the bus across the road. Suddenly a taxi driver approached us and offered us a ride to Golden Waterfall and back to Jiufen for NTD 200 (~SGD 8.5).

We took his offer.

Golden Waterfall is yellowish in color due to the gold deposit in the water. Nowadays, nobody mines the gold there anymore. So the waterfall is purely for tourism.

The Golden Waterfall
They even built a viewing platform

Not up to here, the driver brought us to another site down the road to see the former gold processing factory. We could also see the gold deposit in the small stream there.

The factory
The stream which is even more golden than the waterfall

Then he sent us back up to Jiufen Old Street.

Jiufen Old Street is a shopping alley that sells foods and souvenirs. There is only a single alley that lead to the open space at the end. And the view of Pacific Ocean can be seen from there.

The Pineapple Tart Shop in front of the Shopping Street
Jiufen Old Street

After walking a few steps into the street, I saw an uncle grinding a big block of peanut manually. Being a big fan of peanut, my eyes and my saliva ran wild. I saw him creating an ice cream paw-piah and I ordered one without thinking twice. It cost NTD 40 (~SGD 1.8).

See that pretty block of peanut? I couldn't resist!
Ice cream and ground peanut wrapped with pawpiah skin. It pushed Amei Muaji down to the second place.

Walked another few steps, mom bought some kind of donut stick. 3 pieces for NTD 100 (SGD 4.2).

Fried flour!

I also bought a grilled king oyster mushroom that tasted superb! Chewy chewy!

Chewy chwey! They also sell the fried one.

We bought pineapple tarts, black roasted peanuts, sesame bars, some souvenirs and felt happy. We then took the bus back to Ruifang and the train back to Taipei.

We also got this view as the bonus!
The cutie for dearest besties!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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