Saturday, November 1, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Three Hour Awaited Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung

So we walked.

Yes we walked.

I have this strange affection towards walking. I love walking especially when I am in holiday. I love walking and quietly enjoy the new place that I am in.

So sorry for those who follow me for a trip, you will walk a lot.

Our destination is Din Tai Fung at the intersection of Xinyi Road and Yongkang Road, the first branch.

We spent about 20 minutes to walk slowly and enjoy the enjoyable October weather

We passed by Aiguo East Road where we could see the whole row of bridal boutiques. Taiwan is so well known for its prewedding photoshoots and they really utilize the oportunity.

When we finally reached Din Tai Fung restaurant before 12:00pm, I saw a crowd. I approached the waitress and she told me 'yi ge zhong ban' which meant 'one and a half hour'. Yes. 90 minutes for a basket of xiao long bao.

I have flown so long and walked so far, why should I back out?

So I took the queue number. Since I saw some shophouses along Yongkang Street, I thought we could spend some time to walk around and maybe shop. But I was wrong, I could walk around but I could not shop because the prices were sky high.

The Shopping Street

In the end we just entered all the shops to pass time. We walked to the end of the road and walked back. I bought a huge bowl of mango snow ice for NTD 190 (~SGD 8.2).

I was attracted by the queue to be honest
Taa daa~~~

So we joined the queue back as we had nowhere to go and I was so impatient I kept asking the waitress when my turn would be. In the end he asked me whether I wanted to share a big table with other people. I just okayed it.

We were led into the restaurant and up to the second floor. We had done all the ordering when we were still queueing so we just sat and waited for our foods to come.

French Bean with Minced Meat. This is bf's favourite. I was thinking it's good if he was there.
Xiao Long Bao. Much better than what I had in Singapore's Din Tai Fung. Perfect thickness of the skin, super juicy filling, and yummy stocks.
Praw siew mai. Mom liked it but I didn't fancy it very much.
Wanton with Sichuan Sauce. Ok I liked this one but mom did not. 
Fried rice. We should have ordered zhajiang mian instead. But I brought people with made-in-Indonesia tummy. They could not survive without paddy.

We waited for about two hours and finished everything less than 1 hour. However, I think it was worthy. Even those Taiwanese queue here so why shouldn't I?

We spent NTD 874.5 (~SGD 37) for everything. Generally same price as Singapore.

Bye Bye Xiao Long Bao!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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