Saturday, November 1, 2014

Taiwan Trip - A Short Night at Ximending

There's a reason why I chose a hotel near Taipei Main Station. Every transportation mode pass Taipei Main Station especially those out of the city.

After putting all our shopping bags in the hotel room, we went back to Taipei Main Station to continue our journey to Ximending, the harajuku of Taipei.

I don't think any explanation needed to describe this place. Shopping paradise it is.

The gate of Ximending
Shop and shop and shop and shop and shop

When it was getting dark, a lot of random food stalls appeared out of nowhere. I bought ordinary muaji like what Singapore sells for NTD30 (~SGD 1.3) per pack.

Muaji muaji~~

I also bought another unique food. The seller grilled the muaji until its all body blistered. After that, he poured some condensed milk over it and lie it over a bed of peanut/chocolate/black sesame/cheese/etc.

I bought a peanut one for NTD 30. Sinful but nice. Oh oh oh.

We were sourcing for dinner but whatever we suggested, Ah Yi seemed not to want it. So in the end, I felt upset and angry. I let mom pamper her and I bought my own thing.

XL Fried Chicken. Cholesterol whatever!

I wanted to walk and shop some more. I felt that we had not even walked 20% of it. But Ah Yi already felt tired.

She successfully doubled my anger.

We went back to the hotel.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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