Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jakarta Trip - A Chatting Journey at Shirokuma PIK

The next day after the wedding was my day to relax.

I spent the morning having dimsum brunch at Maystar Central Park with bf's family. The place was so crowded we needed to call the waiters a few times to get our tea, paper towels, and even our bills.

After that, bf and I went to Pantai Indah Kapuk area. I had appointments with my besties here.

Pantai Indah Kapuk, or PIK in short form, is a well-planned and well-built high-end housing estate at the sub-district of Penjaringan. This area is at the north of Jakarta, near to Jakarta bay. This land was actually planned as a green belt land. The area should have been retained undeveloped surrounding the adjacent urban area.

However, something definitely went on below the table, the chair, and everything. Pantai Indah Kapuk development commenced in 1989. Subsequently in 1995, the master plan for this area was changed from green belt to residential area.

Let's put the history and controversy aside.

I don't know since when but the main road of PIK is now full of restaurants, cafes, bistros, and whatever things related to food.

We have seen a lot of people posting of chillaxing at PIK. As a child of this metropolitan world, we don't want to be left behind.

We decided to meet at Shirokuma.

Shirokuma is a dessert cafe specialized in green tea. The exterior is quite prominent with white greenhouse look-alike facade. I expected something garden-like inside.

The front view of Shirokuma (photo

But I was disappointed when I stepped in. The interior has no identity at all. It consists of rustic wooden table, minimalist plastic chairs and green sofa, industrial brick wall, modern chic lighting, and a clueless wall painting.

So I was there, waiting for the rest and our queue number to be called. When L and S arrived, we sat and chit-chatted for awhile before we placed our order.

I liked the service here. Nobody came and pushed us to order before we were ready. We took our time to chat and chat and chat.








There were 4 of us at that point of time. We order 3 drinks and 5 food items. The waitress who served us even commented, "Empat orang tapi pesanannya super". Should we feel proud or ashamed????

Cold ocha for S, Hot ocha for L, Matcha latte for bf. Me? I have my water.
Matcha cake parfait with matcha ice cream, chewy waffle with matcha-vanilla ice cream, Shiratama with red bean, Terimayo japadog
Fried oreo with vanilla ice cream

Matcha cake parfait. Matcha soft serve ice cream melted so very easily, matcha taste was not strong enough, matcha cake was too sweet although the texture was okay, the shiratama has no flavour but the chewiness, matcha syrup was too sweet.

Chewy waffle. Matcha vanilla soft serve ice cream melted easily, chewy waffle was too sweet but the texture was unique, mixture of mochi and waffle, maple syrup on top of the waffle made it even sweeter.

Shiratama with red bean. Shiratama was plainly chewy, red bean paste was too sweet.

Fried oreo with vanilla ice cream. Vanilla soft serve ice cream melted easily, fried oreo was nice but the sweetness was killing.

Terimayo japadog. Black charcoal bun was okay, sausage was deliciously grilled, teriyaki sauce was quite strong.

My favourite of all 5? The non-matcha item: Terimayo japadog!

I love matcha so I can't stand bad matcha food. I don't think this place is worth a second visit. You will get diabetes sooner or later if you eat this kind of food too often.

Eating and chatting and eating and chatting and eating and chatting until M&M arrived. They ordered some matcha items and we continued chatting again again and again.

Until the clock showed 4:00 pm and I realized I must get going. I needed to go back to my real life. So we asked one of the lovely waiters to help us taking photos.

My favourite photo eventhough all of us posed improperly
Okaaay, time to behave

And that visit to Shirokuma summarized my trip to Jakarta. What a lovely trip even though when we boarded the plane it was raining so so so heavy till the sky bridge and the plane flooded. LOL.

Bye bye Jakarta! Till we meet again!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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