Saturday, November 1, 2014

Taiwan Trip - High End Shopping at Taipei 101 and Wholesale Shopping at Wufenpu

So our next itinerary was shopping!

We took the MRT to Taipei 101. I did not intend to shop here, I just wanted to see what kind of high end shopping experience that Taipei 101 offered.

And I should say that it was really a lux shopping mall.

ION Orchard in Singapore is luxurious but Taipei 101 is double the luxury. Even though they house similar shops, Taipei 101 has its own unique atmosphere of the rich. High ceiling, huge door, the color, the spacious feeling, anything.

The view when we walked out of the MRT Station
The mascot of Taipei 101

Actually I would like to climb up to the tower but Ah Yi seemed didn't like it. I could still remember how she did not enjoy going up to Melbourne Eureka Tower. So we just walked around the shopping mall. I saw a few nice cafe, felt like sitting down there to enjoy the afternoon.

I asked the customer service officer where I could take a photo of the tower. He directed me to an open space somewhere near the tower and he was right, I could take the full height of the tower from there.

I feel like being photoshopped inside the picteure of the tower

Then we continued walking to MRT Station to transfer to Houshanpi Station. Our next destination was Wufenpu.

Wufenpu is a wholesale market that sells all kind of fashion apparels. It is huge and it seems like a labyrinth. Once you are in, you can't get out. I was so happy to see all the things I did not take any photos at all.

Basically you can see alleys. Each alleys has rows of shops at the right and left sides. Every alley sells dresses, tops, skirts, etc etc etc. Some of the shop owners, especially those nearer to the entrance, did not let us touch all the items in the bags. I didn't like this kind of people so I didn't bother to spend time there. Only when I moved more inside, the shop owners were more polite and easy going.

There are two type of products sold in Wufenpu: made in Korea and made in China. Those made in Korea cost more expensive than those made in China, but to be honest, you can see the quality difference too.

When we walked out of there, the sky had turned dark. We tried to find something to eat around Houshanpi Station but in the end we went back to Shuanglian to eat.

Beef curry rice at Gindaco. Oishii.

We then collected our luggages and hailed a taxi to bring us to our next hotel at Taipei Main Station: City Inn. I intended to stay at City Inn for 3 nights but there was no room for the first night, so I should source for another hotel on the first night.

The taxi cost only NTD 70 (~SGD 3). We checked into the room, pay the room (NTD 1920/room/night) and settled down.

City Inn doesn't serve breakfast but there is a pantry where you can take all the water, coffee, and tea all the time. The hotel is equipped with free wifi too.

The reasonable size of the room
With TV and a desk
And a good toilet

So there went our fourth day in Taiwan. The next day has waited for us.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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