Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jawa Timur Trip - Morning in Malang

We had schedule in Malang, not to visit any attraction but to eat and to buy souvenirs for our loved ones back home.

Our first stop is Malang Strudel. Malang is well known for its production of apple and strudel is always associated with apple. Strudel is the traditional Viennese delicacy that is brought to Malang recently. People can chooseIt has become one of the most sought food stuff in Malang nowadays. 

We reached the place early around 8 p.m. before the fresh one arrived from the factory. So we waited for a while until the goods arrived and purchased two boxes for tasting. After that, the impulsive decision came in.

Two for samples
Impulse kicked in
The result

Our next destination is breakfast by the side of a railway, literally. We have been reading a lot about this 'Bakso President' which has so so so many good reviews and recommendations. Of course, we were intrigued to try. We had one bowl of the bakso campur kuah (meatball soup) and shared the bakso bakar (char grilled meat ball). The meatball was so-so, the soup base was not bad, and the bakso bakar was not bad too. I will rate it 6/10 maybe.

Maybe it would taste better when a train passed by
Bakso Bakar
Bakso Campur

We sat there for a while because we met our secondary school friend who lived here and soon would be a practicing doctor. After catching up with each other's life, we bid good bye to her and continued our journey.


According to the theme for the day, our next stop was a centre to purchase traditional delicacies of Malang: Toko Sensa. It sells the famous bakpia, sweet delicacies, and also coffee. I purchased the coffee and the coffee turned out to be decent. They serve flat white too!

As women, we are not that easy to get satisfied. Besides Toko Sensa, there is another similar shops selling mostly chips, nuts and crackers. We also did some shopping here. I bought the tempeh crackers which tasted very good.

The coffee
The coffee lounge
Shopping at the neighbouring shop

Then, we drove to a place called Republik Telo. Telo is yam and this place specialised in yam product, such as bakpao telo (yam pau), pia telo (yam piah), es krim telo (yam ice cream), etc. We intended to try the bakpao telo but we came too late it had run out of stock.

Republik Telo

We finished our morning in Malang and drove all the way to Surabaya. Surabaya, here we come!!!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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