Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jawa Timur Trip - Batu Night Spectacular

We had our early dinner at Omah Kitir Cafe. We read in many sites that this is the most romantic restaurant in town. In my mind, I had something like The Valley Cafe in Bandung whereby the diners could eat and enjoy the scenery of the town from above. Sure this place is at the higher ground, but we could not see anything even though we were seated outdoor.

The cafe served western food and we ordered a few varieties for sharing. The taste of the foods was quite nice although the place turned unsuitable for eating when it was dark. We chit-chatted for a while before proceeding to Batu Night Spectacular as our last itinerary in Batu.

Omah Kitir Cafe
No lights, nothing. Maybe this is why people refer to this cafe as 'the most romantic' in town.

Batu Night Spectacular is another highlight in Batu for night timer. It is opened at 6 p.m. and last until midnight or so. It consists of lanterns festival, ghost house, theme park rides, eateries, and shopping streets.

Moving inside
Go cart at the left, swing at the back, something else at the right, and a pretty lady in the centre
Castle full of lanterns
Lampion Garden
Phototaking 101: Block the path to create impression of having the place for yourself
Love Garden
I wish I can erase the two at the back
Millenial Cinderella

We also stopped by the food court nearby the Love Garden to stretch our legs and enjoy wedang ronde and sekoteng. Wedang ronde is glutinous rice ball in ginger soup and I extremely love this dish. However, the version of wedang ronde here does not use brown sugar thus it is not as fragrant as it is supposed to be.

After we finished with the display and exhibit, some of us went for some shopping at the shopping street. The rest just waited at the food court nearby the exit.

The food court
Tired but happy face

A full day to enjoy Batu finally ended. We got back to the hotel and gave ourselves our deserved sleep for the next day long journey back to Surabaya.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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