Friday, July 15, 2016

Jawa Timur Trip - Late Night Foodies in Batu

After all the fun at Museum Angkut, it was a matter of tummy again. We felt so hungry we might even eat a giraffe. We asked the driver to drop us at Alun-Alun Batu (Batu Town Hall) so that we could hunt for foods all night long.

I remembered I had come to this exact place 14 years before and it was so different. It was so quite and dark back then with only one or two restaurants in operation. The alun-alun and the buildings have not changed but it had been decorated with lights and people, it's so merry!

It says 'Batu Tourism Town'
The street foods!
And many more
Happy faces surrounded by foods

We walked around the small circle and bought ice cream, fritters, and stuffs. We then walked across the road to find restaurant to eat. The first restaurant across the road that we approached, called Watu Lontar Restaurant, declined us without clear reason. It looked empty but the waitress told us they had full reservation and could not have us. So we walked further to a place called 'Cafe Batu'.

Cafe Batu

We were brought to the upper floor where we could enjoy the scenery of Alun Alun from bird eye view. It's quite cosy to sit and relax there even though we waited for our food for very long and some of our order was not delivered. We were only informed last minute that the food was not available anymore and when we ordered the substitute, it never came too. I guess the restaurant should mend the management and the system for better service. The foods were actually quite tasty although some a bit too salty.

Quite impressive, huh?
Still waiting for the food

We finished our dinner around 10 p.m. and we walked towards the most recommended late night snack in Batu. It is sticky rice with many variants of topping in a small kiosk called Pos Ketan Legenda. The queue was quite legendary.

The late night queue

After we reached the front, we were to order what we wanted as fast as possible by mentioning the code in the menu. There are sticky rice with peanut, with soya powder, with chocolate rice, with chocolate rice and cheese, with durian, with chicken floss, etc. etc. We ordered 2 durian, 1 peanut, and 1 chocolate rice and cheese. We then waited for a while inside the kiosk. I don't recommend to sit inside for people who are claustrophobic.


We were glad we were wise enough not to over-order. None of us thought that the taste of the sticky rice more than so-so. Our moms could do better.
1. This place was really over-rated and many people were curious like us
2. Our taste buds were disoriented due to tiredness
3. The taste does not suit our liking
4. Food in our hometown is way better

It was almost 11 p.m. when we decided it's time to find our hotel and give ourselves some beauty sleep. Another day tomorrow!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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