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Jawa Timur Trip - Highlights of Batu

We started our second day with a soto breakfast. Another soto? Yes. And this time it was Soto Ayam Bang Joe (Bang Joe's Chicken Soto). It was not a disappointment: the soup was thick and the taste was just nice, the chicken was tender and skinless, there were also vermicelli, bean sprout, and eggs. We had a happy breakfast.

The small eating hut is located by the side of the road
Soto with kerupuk aci (flour cracker)

We then continued to the first destination, The Bagong Adventure Museum Tubuh (The Body Museum). This is a very interesting place whereby the museum showcases the body parts of human and the visitors are made to enter from the mouth of Bagong. In the world of wayang (Indonesian traditional puppet show), Bagong is one of the character with round body shape, big eyes and thick lips and has funny behaviour.

This museum is owned by the same company who owns Museum Angkut and other main attractions in Batu. Museum Tubuh is located by the side of Jawa Timur Park I. However, we only decided to visit Museum Tubuh since we did not have intention to play with theme park attractions in Jawa Timur Park I.

Museum Tubuh consists of 6-storey building with different zones for the visitors to walk through. This museum is also the first and the largest in Southeast Asia thus far. Another interesting thing in this museum is the section that showcases cadavers, the  preserved corpses. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures and videos, kids are not allowed to enter. The attendant in this section explained to us clearly about the process and the origin of the cadavers.

Entering from the mouth of Bagong
Besides Museum Tubuh, there is Jawa Timur Park I
Non-smoker's vs Smoker's Lung
Zone of Reproduction System with Displays of Pregnancy Stages and Screening of Sperm vs Ovum
This is a place for kids to learn for sure, but I think there are too much informations being pasted on the wall in each zone so in the end I am not sure which of the information that I really absorb. Everything is so-called forced to enter this tiny brain. I read until I reached a point when I could not read anymore I just stopped. I enjoyed to see the cadavers the most as it was something new and exceptional.

We continued to our next destination, Jawa Timur Park II. Jawa Timur Park II is the recent addition of the attractions in Batu that focuses on education of fauna. It started operation back in 2010 and the complex consist of Museum Satwa (Fauna Museum), Batu Secret Zoo, a small theme park, Pohon Inn Hotel, and eateries.

We purchased our tickets online for Museum Tubuh and Jawa Timur Park II for IDR 125,000 (~SGD 13). However, we were still held back by the terrible system when we claimed our pass. The purchase confirmation did not show any QR code or bar code or any code of that kind. When we reached the customer service officer, she still needed to flip and flip and flip a lot of things to search our booking and she still wrote us a receipt BY HAND. So what's the point of online system?

We got our pass around 11 a.m. and we proceeded to Museum Satwa. I could see from the facade that its inspiration came from 'Night in the Museum'. We walked in and enjoy many displays of animals from different parts of the world.

Outer Look of Museum Satwa
Snacking before entering
Dinosaurs in the atrium
What are we doing LOL
A little bit of 3D display in the museum
Ice Exhibits

There was a small incident that we witnessed inside. It was in front of a display of penguin. My friend is a huge fan of penguin and she wanted to take picture with it. She stood there to pose already and she found water dropped from the ceiling. She quickly moved away and lucky enough for her, a vast amount of water was pouring from the ceiling shortly afterwards. The cleaners quickly cleared the area.

We took around 1 hour to enjoy the exhibits and we walked out when it was lunch time. There were two places whereby visitors can have their lunch, an open aired food court and an indoor food court. We intended to eat indoor but the whole place is reserved for a tour group, so we moved to the outdoor eateries.

There are a few choices here: bakso (meatball soup), bakmie (noodle), tahu telor (rice with fried tofu-egg in peanut sauce), gorengan (fritters), nasi pecel (rice with steamed vegetables in peanut sauce), fast food chain, ice cream, beverages, etc. The taste and the price were not bad for foods in theme parks.

Food Colony, the open aired food court
Tahu telor
Tahu Isi Goreng (tofu fritters with vegetables filling)

After lunch, we continued with Batu Secret Zoo. This zoo is huge as in HUUUUUUGE! Be prepared to walk A LOT up and down before you can be out. It's a one-way thing and I have warned you!

The collections in the zoo were a lot but the zoning was not so clear and straightforward. I could not really see why monkeys keep appearing in different places even though the neighbouring cage showing for legged mammals. I am not an animal person, so whatever I saw here I forgot shortly after.

Welcomed by the largest rat in the world. I am shivering now.
The first zone
Reptile Zone
Pinky flamingo!
Homo sapiens
Savannah, animals are out in the open, humans are caged
Moving out of Batu Secret Zoo
Moving into Fantasy Land, the theme park
One of the attractions

The place emerged to zoo-like again after a while. We saw giraffes, deers, tigers and lions. I really pity the tigers and lions. They look really sad and their body is flabby. I think it's not the way they want to live, inside a cage and become some kind of show for humans.

Giraffe has the longest tounge!
Sumatra White Tiger. Look at his flabby skin :(
The King of the Jungle is missing his jungle I guess

The lion exhibit was the nearest to the exit. We finished our touring inside this monstrous size zoo and our legs turned quite jelly already. We phoned our driver and get him to pick us up.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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