Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jawa Timur Trip - Hello Surabaya, Hello Sampoerna

It was around noon that we reached Surabaya and our first stop was of course lunch. We chose Rumah Makan Ayam Goreng Asli Pemuda (Original Fried Chicken Restaurant 'Pemuda'). Even though the restaurant has many franchise chain all over Indonesia already, we still wanted to taste the real one. So, here we were.

I think everything is delicious here. No more commentary.

The facade
The food

After filling our tummies, we moved to our next destination, Sambal Bu Rudy. This is a shop that sells its own brand of chilli sauce and it is very well known all over Indonesia. If you ever come to Surabaya, Sambal Bu Rudy shall be one of the thing inside your luggage when you depart.

The shop
What we bought. The cashier laughed at us when we paid.

We scheduled to visit House of Sampoerna in Surabaya. This is a museum that showcases the famous brand of cigarette in Indonesia and the founder of it. It is free of charge and the place is so well maintained, better that those in Batu.

The museum is located in the former house of the founder, Lim Seeng Tee, and the production facility. The complex consists of one main building and two annexes at the east and west side. It was an orphanage during the Dutch colonisation and was bought over by Lim Seeng Tee in 1932 to be his cigarette production facility.

In 2003, the complex was open to public even though the production of cigarette brand 'Dji Sam Soe' is still in operation. Half of the main building has been turned into a museum and shop, while the remaining still serves as a factory. One of the annexe is a cafe now, while another annexe is still occupied by the descendant of Lim Seeng Tee.

Taking photo in front of House of Sampoerna
The main building
Early life of Lim Seeng Tee
His transportation mode when selling his goods before he became the rich
The Packaging of Dji Sam Soe
Typical cigarette kiosk in many villages and towns
The machine used back then to produce cigarette
The operational factory
It is so well maintained, even the toilet!
A bit high due to the strong smell of cigar 
One of the annexes that serves as a cafe
House of Sampoerna also provides free city tour using this bus at certain timing, but make sure to book early!

Our next schedule was to watch the sunset at the Bridge of Suramadu. Did we manage to?

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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