Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Europe Trip - Joordan, the Beauty in the City

We intended to visit Joordan for the rest of the day. We took the train back to Centraal and took another tram ride to Westermarkt. We alighted in front of Westerkerk. Our first stop was Anne Frank House, where the legendary Anne Frank and her Jewish family hid during German occupation. In the house, Anne Frank wrote her diary. In that diary she talked about her days in hiding and all the bitterness of being born as a Jew from a perspective of a child. After a few years of hiding, the Nazis found and captured them. They were brought to concentration camp. Anne, her sister, and her mother died while the father survived. Her diary was then published by the father. Now the house is a museum.

A short walk to Anne Frank House, but what a shock we had, the queue was enormous and estimated waiting time was more than an hour. We did not book the ticket online because there was no such a scheme when I was doing my planning. However, a notice was pasted on the glass door and it said that online booking was already available. Oh, damn.

So, after much consideration, we decided to turn down this in our schedule. I personally wanted to visit very much but considering the time and how Indonesian were not museum people, we just continued to stroll.

Westerkerk, the view when alighting from the tram
After we turned down Anne Frank, we walked to the other side
Walking through the aisle
Westerkerk from afar
On top of Woonbootmuseum 

We walked past a boat that was turned into a houseboat museum. We did not visit but basically the museum let the visitors see how the boatman lived during the sail. The entrance cost EUR 8 (~SGD 13) and you just paid the entrance fee to the owner who sat near the entrance.

From the Woonbootmuseum, we walked along the canal and got mesmerized by the beauty of the place. I found that it was so different from Red Light District area even though both areas were hugging the canal.

This place, Joordan, is more like an elegant lady while Red Light District is portraying herself like a naughty teenager. So, yeah, two sides of beauty, but all the same, they have beauty.

The canal in Joordan area
Continue to stroll
More beauty
My favorite spot

We went into Cheese museum and some shops during the stroll. Actually, our ultimate destination is the most famous apple pie in Amsterdam offered by Winkel43 cafe.

Winkel43 Cafe is located nearby Norderkerk at the corner of Westerstraat. Just walk towards Centraal Station from Westermarkt and sooner or later you'll find this place. We reached Winkel43 Cafe at around 5:30 pm and the cafe was still full with people even though it was neither lunch nor dinner time.

We chose a high table outside the cafe facing Norderkerk. Bro and I walked into the cafe and looked for the menu. There was not drink menu available. While looking at the food menu, I asked the waitress, "What is your recommendation?" and she positively replied me, "I think you know what you are coming for."

So, we ordered the famous apple pie and fried meatball. I also ordered a flat white. The apple pie was not overrated for sure, it really tasted heaven. And the coffee was bitter, suit my taste so much.

Happy face with the apple pie
Don't judge the pie from the look
The outdoor seating

We then continued to walk to Centraal Station and had dinner nearby Centraal Station before calling it a day. It was a wonderful day, indeed.

Another canal
Can you see the buildings are tilting?
Great dinner

Next - Fishing Village Volendam

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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