Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Europe Trip - The Windmill of Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans is a historical traditional Dutch village located in Zaandam, very near to Amsterdam. In 1961, all the buildings from across the region of Zaan were brought to this location and voila, there came Zannse Schans, scones in Zaan.

Zaan was an industrial area in the seventeenth century with approximately 600 windmills in operation producing linseed oil, paints, papers, wood products, etc. During the eighty year war when the Dutch revolted against the Spanish, it was believe that there were 13 sconces in the region.

Only after World War II, the wooden buildings were brought together as they were threatened to extinction. It was the right thing to do since Zaanse Schans now has become a major tourist attraction. The wooden buildings now became museums, cafes, and gift shops. A few windmills are still in operation too.

It is easy to reach Zaanse Schans, just take the train to Koog Zandijk Station and walk alongside other tourists to reach the village. The admission is free but each museum/windmill will charge you for visiting. If you are so enthusiastic about the village and want to visit every single museum here, you can buy Zaanse Schans card for EUR 15 at the information centre. If you are the holder of Iamsterdam card, just dash into the museum, no one will dare to stop you.

Zaanse Schanse, after crossing this bridge (it can be lifted to allow for the boats to pass!)
View of Zaanse Schans from the bridge
Flowers everywhere
The main road of the village
Albert Heijn, the first grocery store in Amsterdam
Let's take a walk, Baby

We strolled along the village amidst the strong wind. Our destination was the end of the road where a platform looking direct to the active windmills was there. We stopped by a few shops and museums just to keep ourselves warm for a while. The wind made the journey difficult, but also because of the wind, we bought nice apple pie, gingerbread cake, and speculaas biscuit.

Miffy in one of the gift shops
A house with an attached tiny windmill
Cute village house I wish I have
The mechanism of the windmill
The windmill finally

We had difficulty taking picture here. First, the wind was terrible at the platform. It was a completely open area and the wind just attacked us without mercy. Second, we met a bunch of Chinese tourists there. We were taking pictures and they just emerged into the frame and did what they wanted. We tried to talk to them but they scolded us in Mandarin without knowing that we understood. So, yeah, I answered their curse.

The wind, oh gosh!
The windmill from behind
Playing milkman
Apple pie yeah
Wish I have a house like this

We had a chinese food nearby before we got back to Amsterdam to continue our exploration.

Next - Joordan, the Beauty in the City

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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