Sunday, May 1, 2016

Europe Trip - Wandering in Zurich

We reached Zurich around 7:00 pm and I had my good friend waiting for me at the platform already. I was so happy to see her even for a short time. She is living in Zurich with her husband and she told me that Zurich's beauty would be nothing as compared to Lucerne's.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland located at the German-speaking part of the country. It has Lake Zurich at the south-east. Zurich is full of financial centres and banking giants, despite low population. 

There was evidence of settlement during the stone age and bronze age nearby Lake Zurich. In Roman time, Zurich was called Turicum and Turicum was the border between Gaul and Italy. There was a tombstone dated back to the second century referring Zurich as the tax collection post.

Germanic Alemanni tribe settled here in the fifth century. Louis the German founded Fraumunster Abbey next to a Roman castle, Grossmunster in the year of 853. The city was then ruled by an abbess until the fourteenth century when an independent mayor took the throne.

To date, Zurich has a democratic culture which is quite unique. The citizens can vote on legislative proposals and laws and elect the members of municipal council and executive. 

So, my friend brought me to walk along the city centre but all of the shops were closed due to the public holiday. It was Easter Sunday! It felt so quite and serene. We walked along Banhofstrasse where all the luxury boutiques were located. Then, we reached the bank of Lake Zurich.

Lake Zurich is much wider than Lake Lucerne, but without the Alps at the background, it felt kind of plain.

Lake Zurich
Another view of Lake Zurich
The wind messed my hair
The lake and the city at the other side

We crossed over to the other side and they told me all the water fountains found around the city were drinkable, unless a notice not to drink it present. We kept walking on the cobblestone alley while chit-chatting like there would be no tomorrow.

Please feel free to drink
The streets to be explored on foot

There are 2 famous churches in Zurich, namely Grossmunster and Fraumunster located at each side of the lake. Grossmunster is Roman Protestant church while Fraumunster is Evangelical Reformed Church of Canton of Zurich. We stopped a while in front of Grossmunster.

The miniature of Grossmunster

We then walked to the so-called night district of Zurich. But yeah, don't think of something naughty because the night district here just means it's more lively at night. I saw many restaurants, pubs, and local shops.

Entering the night district

They brought me into a Swiss restaurant and we had delicious Swiss food. I love rosti! I had difficulties reading the menu and got them to explain every single dish to me before I finally chose.

Rosti, sausage, and onion sauce
Rosti and pork with mushroom sauce
Spatzle with cheese sauce
We were having fabulous time

After having a nice dinner and continuous chit-chat with this dearest friend of mine, we walked back to the station since I have to catch the train to Koln. The sky had turned dark blue but the city still emerged its beauty. Zurich may look like an old lady but surely an elegant one. I hope one day I can be back and explore more of this city, and of course to meet them again.

Zurich at night

They accompanied us till we boarded the train. There was some glitch as our purchased tickets did not come with seat reservation and there was no instruction to reserve seat beforehand whatsoever. So she helped us to talk to the machinist and he asked us to board the train first.

We waved good bye to them and really thanked them for the hospitality.

I miss you.

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Love in the air,
Little Feet

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