Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Europe Trip - Epilogue

Today is exactly two months from our departure to Paris. It is a dream-comes-true to me. I have been dreaming about going far and finally I got the chance.

It's a difficult task to me to decide which country I love most. Each place that we visited has its own uniqueness and beauty. It can't be compared that easy.

Paris is like an elegant old lady. Every part of the city is still glowing with beauty and maturity. Even though the city is bustling with people, the atmosphere gives the feeling that is dark and full of secrets. It is a bit unsettling walking along the city especially when witnessing many people getting high along the roads and in the metro station. No mater what, this lady is still the prettiest.

Rome is like a strong warrior. With its historical background and humongous structures in the city, it is really portraying the strongest warrior ever, Even though Roman Empire has been long gone, Rome is still holding that power and I love the feel.

Tuscany is like a loving grandmother that always gives and provides to the grandchildren. The olive trees, the vineyards, the woods, the skyline, the warmth: they are all the gifts from this grandmother. We are the grandchildren. Tuscany makes me feel loved and want to love even more.

Lucerne is like a patient teacher. It teaches the visitors to relax and enjoy the time: close the shop by 4:00 pm, drink some wine, sit and look at the swans playing at the lake, drink some more after that. It also teaches us that the top of the world can be reached and it is great to be up there. So, my sincere gratitude to this teacher of mine.

Amsterdam is like growing-up teenager. The vibrancy that the city offers really makes me feel great. One part of the city is so open with things that are considered taboo somewhere else while another part is still holding the values of the old customary. And with the colorful brick buildings, I am thinking LEGO.

So, there is no favoritism. I love all of them all the same. And I wish I can explore unexplored parts of Europe soon enough.

This trip has given me more insight of life.

I am grateful.

Thank you, Universe

Europe Trip - fin

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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