Monday, March 2, 2015

Bali Trip - Nusa Penida with Sun, Naughty Nuri's with Stars

It was morning again and the sun greeted us with a big big smile!

Hello, Sunshine!

We drove to south again, because our itinerary for the day was cruising from Tanjong Benoa to Nusa Penida! 

Initially we planned to go for the cruise on the third day but the cruise did not operate on the 31st due to some religion events at the beach. People in Bali are quite superstitious so nobody dares to sail when the religion events are held.

That's why we shifted our itinerary forward.

Tanjong Benoa is famous as a water sport centre. There are quite a number of water sports that can be done here, like jet ski, parasailing, banana boat, helmet dive, etc. etc. etc.

However, this time we just intended to go for the cruise. There are a few cruise operators at Tanjong Benoa. The three famous operators are Bounty Cruise, Quicksilver Cruise, and Bali Hai Cruise. Bali Hai is the most expensive amongst all and Quicksilver is the most popular for Asian tourists.

We chose Quicksilver and got the price of IDR 625,000 (~SGD 65) per pax excluding pick up service.

We were reminded over and over that the cruise would not wait for latecomers. So we woke up early and reached there at 08:15 am, 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.

While waiting to be on board

The boarding was quite organised as the passengers were called according to the queue numbers. Breakfast was then served while the cruise moved towards the pontoon in the middle of the sea.

Quicksilver Cruise
Our seats, our breakfast, and us

The highlight of Quicksilver Cruise is the pontoon. After 45 minutes on the sea, the cruise moored to the pontoon and all of the passengers were asked to move. Activities that could be enjoyed on the pontoon were banana boat rides, water slides, and snorkeling. We could also choose to board small boats that would bring us to a semi-submarine and Nusa Penida Island.

As it was almost noon and we were Asian (and scared of the radiance), we chose to do another part of the tour.

The view from semi-submarine. The fish were HUGE!
And surprisingly, I accidentally met my high school friend who was having her honeymoon! It has been more than five years since the last time I met her. I would like to wish her a very happy marriage, lots of children, and magnificent life.

After watching the huge fat fish for about 15 minutes, the same boat brought us to Nusa Penida. Here we had the chance to see the roosters' fight. The locals also open the fighting pit for bidding. I tried to bid in Singapore Dollar but was rejected because the other people bid in US Dollar.

Blacky and Goldy. Fighting!
I also saw some people playing beach volleyball. But as someone with no single skill of ball games, I gave it a pass. We just continue our way inside the village to a shopping street.

A traveller in a village
The artworks on sale (and bargainable)
The cute owl I found

After satisfying ourselves, we went back to the pontoon for our buffet lunch.

Bye Nusa Penida

Actually I did not expect much on the buffet lunch, but it turned out to be sumptuous and good. There were salads, grills, cooked food, desserts, fruits, and traditional cakes. Eating on top of the pontoon with the feel of the breeze really added the taste of the foods.

Lunch in the middle of the sea

We rest for a while before we decided to wet ourselves. We went for water slide and followed by banana boat ride and snorkeling. The most disappointing activity was the snorkeling, really.

Queueing for banana boat ride
Bro enjoying his slide 
Snorkeling here will bring you only to disappointment, believe me!

At 3:00 pm, all passengers were asked to get back to the cruise for sailing back to Tanjong Benoa. While waiting for the time, we spent our time enjoying the deck!

Am I not dark enough?
Hello, Dear! Enjoying yourself?

We then spent another 45 minutes to be back to Tanjong Benoa. We drove back to Seminyak and we were quite trapped in the endless traffic jam. Upon reaching the villa, we cleaned up and rushed to our next destination: Naughty Nuri's.

Naughty Nuri's is a restaurant chain specialised in grilled pork ribs. And you shall expect a very very long queue just to enjoy the ribs.

We arrived at the Seminyak outlet around 7:30 pm and we were asked to wait for 1 hour. After some time that seemed forever, we were seated at the back of the restaurant. We ordered pork ribs, beef ribs, and caesar salad.

Beef ribs. Too dry. The marination is good. Fries are good. 
Pork ribs. The star of the day.
Caesar salad. Yummy!
When we were 2 kg heavier and IDR 862800 (~SGD90) poorer

We left Nuri's at around 10:00 pm. I would like to go somewhere to chill out and bro suggested Potato Head Beach Club. We drove there and enquired about the seating but the beach sofa were full. I wanted to wait but the rest were so tired already so we decided to call it a day.

So disappointed. I wanted to chilllllllllll.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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