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Bali Trip - New Year's Eve in Bali

The third day!

To be honest, the breakfast at that villa were not up to our standards. So, we decided to head out somewhere for breakfast.

Based on recommendation by someone, we drove to Revolver Espresso at Jalan Kayu Aya No. 50, Seminyak.

Vintage, vintage, vintage!
The interior: woods and old school~~~
Hello, Mr. Barista!
The cafe starts its operation from 08:00am and served a sumptuous choices for breakfast and brunch. We reached there around 08:30am and there were already some customers enjoying their meals.

We were seated at some cozy corner of the cafe!
We started ordering straightaway. Avocado on Toast, Double Barrel, Holster, and pancake. Caffe latte, mocha, and picollo.

Avocado on Toast - crunchy toasted sourdough with avocado and tomato. Taste was just normal.
Double Barrel - poached egg on toasted sourdough with tomato, bacon, and vegetables. Taste was good.

Holster - panini with bacon, cheese, egg, and mayo. Taste was amazing!
Pancake with vanilla ice cream, berries, and syrup. Pancake was fluffy and pleasing
Coffee was at the acidic side and not to my taste.

We waited very long for our foods until I needed to ask the staff twice. It was lucky that the taste of the foods were not disappointing. And what made the visit here more pleasing other than the food and the ambience, the service was great! The manager actually gave us 25% discount as an apology for keeping us waiting for too long. In the end, we only spent IDR 300,000 (~SGD 33) for the whole feast.

And you still can take photo outside with the photo wall!
I will surely recommend Revolver Espresso to everybody who is visiting Bali...

We left Revolver around 10:00am and we drove to Denpasar. We did not have clear schedule for the day as we heard that most roads would be closed by 04:00pm for New Year's Eve.

The first stop was to try speciality snack of bali, PIE SUSU. Pie susu is milk pie if translated directly. Pie susu is actually similar to Portuguese egg tart but the filling in the middle is milk curd instead. The pie is not so crusty as compared to egg tart.

We went to Pie Susu Asli Enaaak which is the most famous pie susu in Bali.

The 'factory' of Pie Susu Asli Enaaak

The place was so so so crowded. Pie Susu Asli Enaaak offers 2 variants of the milk tart: original and chocolate and the price is only IDR 2,500 (~SGD 0.3) per piece. We bought 5 pieces of original and 5 pieces of chocolate flavour for testing.

The cartoon says: Pie Susu Asli "Enaaak" since 1989, Special goodies from Bali

And about a few hundred meters away from Pie Susu Asli Enaaak, we stopped to taste another milk tart in a shop called Pie Susu Dhian.

Pie Susu Dhian

Pie Susu Dhian offers more flavours other than original and chocolate. There are also cheese, chocolate cheese, blueberry, strawberry. After tasting both, all of us agreed that Pie Susu Asli Enaaak was too sweet and Pie Susu Dhian suited our tastebuds. So we ordered almost 600 pieces to be brought back to our own places.

And yeah, Pie Susu Dhian is cheaper. One piece of milk tart costs IDR 1,500 (~SGD 0.17) only.

Then Bro drove us to Pasar Seni Kumbasari. Before flying to Bali, I read somewhere that Pasar Seni Kumbasari would be a good place for shopping of souvenirs, figurines, paintings, etc. But to be honest, it was not worth the trip.

The drive there was hard. Small roads. Traffic jam. Difficult parking.
The weather was hot. The distance from the parking lot to the market building was far.
Most of the shops were closed.
The building was not maintained well.

Yes, the prices there were indeed very cheap and we did shop. But I felt the time was wasted for making a trip specially there. I did not even take photo.

So I must borrow the picture from

The next stop was lunch. Bro brought us to Sanur for tasting the really famous Balinese fish soup. The place is called Warung Sop Ikan Mak Beng. According to the story, the founder of this restaurant was a lady with a son named Beng. As she is the Mak (mother) of Beng, the whole village called her Mak Beng and voile, there was the name of the restaurant.

The restaurant is just a single storey low ceiling building with little ventilation and natural lighting. However, this doesn't prevent people from patronising the restaurant. When we arrived there, the place was full and many people were waiting for their turn.

People say, don't judge the book from its cover

But, do not expect to get a queue number. What you need to do is to eye on other people and stand in the close proximity of almost-finish tables. When they get up, you rush to claim the seat. Once you are seated, the so very experienced waitress of the restaurant will record your order.

The menu offered was standard. White rice + fish soup + fried fish costs IDR 34,000 (~SGD 3.7). Although the menu was standard, the taste was goooood, especially the chilli sauce.

The standard menu. The fried fish impressed me more.
Still eating. Already full. Not full at all.
Thanks for the breeze. Inside was too stuffy!

Tummies were happy and it's time to get some souvenirs. We went to a very big souvenir supermarket called Krisna and spent an hour or so to shop this and that.

You can find almost everything here but it's so shameful such a huge place does not have air conditioning system

We were still full but the culinary journey did not stop there. We came to Bali all the way so we should taste the famous gelato.

Gusto Gelato was so famous and titled (by whom???) as the most delicious gelato in Bali. We passed by this place when we headed back to Seminyak, so let's eat again.

The so so so famous Gusto
Enjoying the gelato, yeah

Two scoops of Gusto gelato cost IDR 20,000 (~SGD 2.2) and there are many many many choices of flavours. Yes, I found it nice, especially when the day was so hot, but to say it as the best gelato, I think it is too overrated. It is nice but more are nicer.

It was almost 4:00pm when we drove back and surprisingly, no traffic jam! We reached the villa quite fast. I went for shower before urging everybody to accompany me to Legian 66 Beach.

The villa is so near to the beach and it only took us about 10 minutes walk. There are shops along the road so don't be afraid of a boring walk.

It was still bright as a sunny day
It turned amber but cloud was coming
And all of a sudden, everything was dark blue

I was so sad I did not manage to catch the last sunset of the year, but I was still thankful that I had the chance to enjoy the ocean breeze for a while before it started to rain. We quickly ran back and still got caught in the rain.

Still nice to look upon, right

Actually there are a lot of eateries along the way to this beach and along this beach itself. However, we did not try anything as we have prepared something special for this New Year's Eve at the villa.




Setting up the temporary BBQ pit
The foods: enoki beef roll, king oyster mushroom, pork satay, spiced chicken
Grilling grilling~~~
Yummy foods

The end products
The residue. Thanks to the biscuit tin. You have served us well.
P.S. All the foods were brought from Palembang and Singapore, except the nasi jinggo (white rice and vegetables) that was brought when were walked back from 66 Beach.

We ate and feasted to our heart content. After eating the main BBQ foods, we feasted on ripe and sweet mango brought from Palembang. And thereafter, we sat and played Monopoli Deal until the time to say 'Happy New Year' was ripe.

And yeah, farewell 2014 and welcome 2015!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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