Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bali Trip: Farewell Ubud

And we didn't realize that we should go back to reality soon.

Our last day of the trip and our last half day in Ubud.

I woke up each and every one early morning because I wanted to do my favourite sport in Bali so so very badly.


Yes. YOGA.

In The Yoga Barn.

I couldn't remember where I got the information about The Yoga Barn but I really insisted to go even though the rest of my company did not do yoga.

The Yoga Barn is one of the biggest yoga centres in Ubud, focusing on healing and renewal. It is located amidst mountainous area in Ubud and consists of five yoga studios, a guest house, and big patch of greenery.

We chose 7:00 am morning flow and we drove out of the villa at 6:30 am. It was quite near to the villa but bro turned wrongly one time and we reached there at 6:55 am.

The registration counter

We have no prior registration. We quickly registered and I thought we were gonna pay IDR 120,000 (~SGD 13) per person as what stated in the website. However, since we were local, we only paid half the price. Lucky us!

And again, luckily we still got the places although it was not the best. Everybody was already there to reserve their seat.

It was not the biggest studio but it was totally cool to do yoga while looking at the greenery

We endured the class for 1.5 hours before being dismissed and feeling so refreshed.

Bro found his favourite pose in his first yoga class. Savashana. Corpse pose.
My tripod headstand.
The instructor's handstand variation

There is shower facility in The Yoga Barn but no toiletries and towel provided. Should you need to rent a towel, you can get it from the reception.

So we took our morning shower and enjoy the scenery.

I love it, totally! 
Green again at another side

In front of the classroom. I love the wooden building.
<3 <3 <3
The way out
Entrance to the gate house

We (or at least I) felt very happy and refreshed and of course starving. Bro then drove us to the famous Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Bu Mangku (Bu Mangku's Kedewatan Chicken Rice). This restaurant was originally from Kedewatan area in Ubud but now has opened many more branches elsewhere.

We went there and bought our nasi ayam back to the villa. Anyway, you can choose how much you want to pay for a portion. If I am not wrong, we bought IDR 20,000 (SGD 2.2) portion.

Steamed rice, delicious chicken, steamed egg, vegetable, chilli peanut, and gravy

And to be honest, I think of this meal as the best meal I tasted in Bali, especially the chilli peanut. Oh Gosh, my saliva.

After finishing our breakfast, some of them wanted to go back to Ubud Market to continue the shopping journey. So as they went there, I wanted to taste another gelato called Gelato Secret and compare it with Gusto Gelato.

Gelato Secrets by the road side near Pasar Ubud

Gelato Secret is more expensive than Gusto Gelato and scoop is slightly smaller. For three scoop of ice cream, we paid IDR 50,000 (~SGD 5.5). We chose durian, chocolate, and mango. All three are delicious and of course better than Gusto!

Gelato Secrets' Three Scoop Gelato

So I don't know what makes people rave about Gusto. Maybe the cheap price for the quantity? But if you really want a good one, go to Gelato Secrets. (They do not pay me to advertise, ok?)

It was almost noon when we left Pasar Ubud and continued our journey for lunch.

And we chose Bale Udang Mang Engking.

Bale Udang Mang Engking was opened since 2009 and focused on the prawn items as well as the atmosphere of the restaurant: bringing the village feel into the customers.

Bamboo table, traditional scale, and a two tins of traditional fish crackers 
A vegetable seller's cart
Reception table all from bamboo

That's what greeted us when we stepped into the restaurant, but this was just the front portion and not where we would have our lunch.

Walking in
Taaa daaa.

Just like Bebek Bengil and Bebek Tepi Sawah, Bale Udang Mang Engking offered eating experience in Balinese traditional huts. In my opinion, this one is more fascinating that the earlier two.

You can sit in your bale, facing the fish pond
And you can have complementary fish spa!

We were too busy playing with the fish and taking photos until we forgot to order. After sometime, we finally realized we came here to have lunch and started ordering. However, I felt a bit disappointed as some of our order could not be served because the restaurant was just re-opened from new year holiday and some stocks were not in yet.

Steamed rice, Balinese sauce fish, vegetable (which I forget what it is), Salted egg prawn, Spicy squid, gado-gado, fried noodle, honey grilled parwn
The top three of those dishes for me: fried noodle, salted egg prawn, gado-gado. The honey grilled prawn is apparently the star of Bale Udang Mang Engking but for me it's too sweet.

After eating our food, we continued to play with the fish. We also fed the fish with the leftover that it was fascinating to see how the fish rush to the food.

Happy eating!
We wanted to stay forever here

We wanted to stay forever here but we have our last destination to go. So we rushed back south.

Farewell Ubud! I will miss you!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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