Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bandung Trip - Wilujeng Tepang, Bandung

We slept till the sun was up quite high. Since we had no plan for the day, we just woke up quite late, got ourselves ready and went down for breakfast.

The breakfast buffet in Scarlet Hotel was quite sumptuous with a lot of pastries and cakes, bakso cuankie (special Bandung beef ball), bubur (porridge), breakfast cereal, and main courses.

Other than Bro's and mine, the flight for the rest was at 11:20 a.m. So we had nowhere to go except to the airport.

While driving towards the airport, we passed by Cihampelas a.k.a Superhero Street. The street got its unique nickname from the statue of superheroes along the road, like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc.

Batman is posing like that 24/7
Other than the superheroes by the side of the road, Cihampelas is just a normal road

We went to the airport and dropped mom. I used my flight ticket to get into the check in area too! And look what I have found!

The best sign board in the airport

I'll translate everything here.

It's best for the passengers to know...
1. If the flight departure encounters delay more than 4 hours, passengers shall get compensation of IDR 300000 (SGD 32)
2. If the flight lands at airport other than destination airport, passengers shall get compensation of IDR 150000 (SGD 16) and free air ticket towards the original destination
3. If the flight is transferred to another airline, passengers shall not bear any additional fee due to upgrade and will receive the difference of the air ticket cost due to downgrade
4. If passenger does not board the aircraft due to the capacity of the plan, passenger shall be transferred to another flight without additional cost
5. If the flight is cancelled 7 days before the date of departure, passengers shall get full refund
6. If the flight is cancelled within 7 days to the date of departure, passengers will get their rights as per Item 2 and 3, including the case when the airline changes the departure schedule

So now, I have something concrete to hold on to if some airlines want to cheat me!!!

After they went to the pathetic waiting room at the second level of the airport, Bro and I went to Bandung Electronic Centre to sell my laptop. We found it a bit difficult to find parking lot, rounded the area for about two times before we got in and parked.

The 4 or 5-storey building is full of people selling computers, laptops, phones, accessories, etc. So we walked around and found the best price.

After we finished our business here, we went to Cihampelas Walk.

Cihampelas Walk was opened in 2004 and since then became the favourite for people, especially students, to stroll along. The concept of the shopping mall is semi-outdoor. There is one huge indoor shopping mall with a few fingers of outdoors outlet. There is a skywalk near the plaza too.

The outdoor area
The kampung/village behind the shopping mall. Indeed the economic gap is still huge here

There is a hotel called Sensa Hotel besides Cihampelas Walk. Bro and I walked in and took some glance to the hotel. I love the concept of white-purple butterflies in this hotel. It makes the whole place look chic and elegant.

We went up to the rooftop pool and I found a very cool daybed by the side of the pool!

The cool interior
The even cooler day bed by the pool

With the breeze of Bandung air, I felt like sleeping here. But I was afraid I would be chased out so we quickly got out and sourced for lunch.

Cihampelas Walk is full of chich restaurants and cafes. Bro suggested Pizzalogy but I was quite tempted to eat Asian food so we went to Mujigae Korean Restaurant. We were greeted and directed to the second floor.

Interior of the restaurant. I want to sit on the business-class airplane seat there please!
The other side of the restaurant
Tech savvy order by iPad (real iPad okay?)

We ordered chicken bibimbap & fried chicken set, kimchi chicken ramyun, and dukbogi (rice cake). In total, we spent around IDR 100000 (SGD 11) for that much.

My ramyun
His bibimbap
Our dukbogi (sorry it's so blurred)

In my opinion, the bibimbap was very nice due to the sauce. The sauce used for dukbogi was generally the same but the rice cakes was to hard to chew. So that's the downside. The taste of the ramyun was nice, but the noodle got soggy too easily.

We strolled along the shopping mall for awhile before Bro sent me to the airport. His flight would be the next day so he would sleep in his friend's place for the night.

I bode farewell to Bro and continued my journey to Singapore by myself.

Tiger Air 6:00 p.m. flight

In Sundanese, you say "Wilujeng Tepang" when you are about to separate ways and expect to meet that person again. So, Wilujeng Tepang, Bandung! See you Later!

Bandung Trip - Fin

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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