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Bandung Trip - Dusun Bambu, How God Recreates the Earth

For the second night, we moved to another hotel around Lembang. This hotel is actually a cluster of villa and we booked a two-room villa for all of us.

It's called Summer Hills Private Villas.

Upon check in, we were brought to our room. I did not observe the surrounding because it was quite dark. The villa was good, with a big size living room with kitchen and dining table! The two room villa consisted of one master bedroom with king size bed and attached bathroom, as well as another bedroom with two super single size bed.

Eventhough the structure was already quite old, I should say the place was a good one to stay. With only IDR 1150000 (SGD 123), we got to say comfortably.

So the next morning, I took time to browse through the area. 

The view when I stepped out of the villa
The 'unused' swimming pool and the cool daybeds 
A gazebo in the middle of the area for dining
And cute bunnies were there too!
Bro at the back terrace. Cooling shiny morning!

We checked out at around 9:00 a.m. and continued our journey to Dusun Bambu!

Dusun Bambu (Bamboo Village) is located at the foot of Gunung Burangrang (Mount Burangrang). About a decade back, this area was abandoned by farmers in a very bad condition. But some entrepreneurs did not just let it go. They planned to turn back this area into a heaven. They planned to have a conservatory for bamboo!

Therefore in 2008, they started the project by planting hundred thousands of bamboo trees. In 2012, the construction of Dusun Bambu started until early 2014 when it opened its door to public.

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park offers a different experience to the travellers. While having fun at this area, you can feel a very village kind of feeling and wander around cool architectures. There are also a lot of information signs about the species of bamboo along the way. And of course, there are foods too!

But beware, the food here is not cheap!

We reached Dusun Bambu at around 10:00 a.m. when it was just opened for the day. This is a tip when you want to visit Dusun Bambu: arrive early! There are two advantages: the fresh air, no bad sun, and the whole area for yourself!

This is what you can find near the entrance

The entrance fee to this place is damn cheap. Only with IDR 10000 (SGD 1.1) you can go in and have fun till the sun goes down!

So we went in and was greeted by a big bamboo structure and a huge gazeb.

This this the big bamboo structure in the middle of nowhere
The huge gazebo. See how clever the engineer to use steel plate at the base of the column? Less maintenance because dampness of the wood won't be a problem anymore!

The view from the gazebo
See how dad posed :D

Dusun Bambu provides public transport for you to go from this area to the centre of attraction and the good news is it is totally free! The driver was so good to lend us his car to take some photos. I love how colorful the car is.


It was a really short drive. We were dropped in front of another building and from here we were to walk and round the area.

We started walking from here

On top of this stairway is the food court and the minimart. We just skipped it and walked forward. After walking up and down, we saw quite a big space and continued walking.

Stepping down from the stair and the green welcomed me!

It was quite hot eventhough it was not noon yet

The building at the left is the food court (level 1) and restaurant (level 2). At the right side there is a very nice man-made stream.

I always believe this is one of God's creation through humans' hands

We walked for quite a distance till we saw the highlight of Dusun Bambu.

Yes this place

We took a lot of photos here! It was such a great place to take photos! I love the floating platform in the middle. When I stood there, I really felt that I was just a small creature as compared to other God's creation.

Sit back and relax
And this our first and last group photoshoot! 
At the other side of the area, this exotic building!

We continued our journey and saw the row of traditional huts from nearby. They are actually part of the restaurant so you can order your food and have it there. We asked the cleaner and he told us that it was free of charge as long as you have seven people or more.

They are bamboo huts!
And I was happy to be here

While walking we saw a lot a lot of trees and plants and it felt so refreshing. We then reached back the place behind the food court but this time we turned to the other side on to the hanging bridge. The hanging bridge is the only way to reach the egg-shaped rooms along the side. I love the creativity of the designers to use twigs for the facade so it looks so natural! And of course, the tall trees surrounding the bridge will make you feel that you are in the magical forest!

This is a hanging bridge with egg-shape rooms at the side
And with the super tall trees!

After that we went to the playground besides the food court. The playground consists of quite a number of traditional children games. I was so very happy to see this!

Mom and dad enjoy their time fully! Yoohoo!
Giant angklung. The traditional musical instrument from West Java.
This playground brought me back to my childhood!
It was about noon when we decided to leave and we saw a number of people coming in. I felt so lucky to come here first and enjoy the whole place for ourselves.

We did not take the public transport, instead we walked back to the first spot so that we could walk pass the beautiful field in between these two spots.

What a wonderful world
I walked very slowly at the back 
And I looked back and thanked God once more

Two to three hours of quality time in the morning witnessing how God recreates the earth through the hands of humans. I felt so blessed.

Thanks, God, for the wonderful world You give me.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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