Friday, August 8, 2014

Bandung Trip - A Buzzing Night at Bandung

From the outskirt, we directed ourselves to the city centre of Bandung.

Jalan Riau.

Jalan Riau or Riau Street is a quite a well-known street for tourists and locals as it hosts a row of factory outlets. This is one of Bandung's main attractions. And of course it is proven successful. With quite a number of factory outlets, more people visit Bandung just for the shopping pleasure.

Our first stop was The Secret Factory Outlet. A factory outlet with black colour facade and an elegant interior.

The facade of The Secret Factory Outlet

The building is so big I thought it's some kind of shopping centre but no it's just a factory outlets. There are many choices of fashion items for women and men. We spent quite some time inside before getting out and walk towards the next outlets.

Because it was already so late at night, we only managed to visit two outlets. I can't remember what was the second factory outlet that we entered. I can only remember that the theme of this outlet is garden.

I noticed that the interior was dominated in white and it felt so garden. I found something cool in the fitting room.

This is what I found inside the fitting room. Open the door and you will see a full length mirror with white wooden fence at the bottom. Cute!

The factory outlets close at around 10:30 p.m. We were forced to stop our shopping trip. We walked back to the car and drove to Cibadak.



The residents in Cibadak and the surroundings area are mostly Chinese. That's why this area is full of delicacies for Chinese.

That night Cibadak looked more crowded as compared to the night before. Was it because we were later? Was it because it's a weekend night?

We straightaway went to Nasi Campur Babi 888 (Mixed Pork Rice 888). The queue was so long. We waited for more than half an hour for that plate of mixed pork (roast pork, char siew pork, pork ball, etc).

I did not have any passion to eat that.

Instead I went to another street stall that sold lumpia basah. Lumpia basah is a specialty snack from Bandung. Maybe it was originated from Central Java where lumpia has been so famous.

Lumpia is spring roll. But lumpia basah is different. The filling is generally the same: bambooshoot, carrots, and beansprouts. However, the skin is not rolled properly like other spring rolls and it is not deep fried!

I went to order and watched the uncle slowly took the ingredients of my order, put the condiments, stir-fried the vegetables, prepared the spring roll skin, spreaded some kind of sauce on to the skin, placed the filling inside the spring roll, folded the spring roll skin into two, put it inside the clear plastic bag, and handed it to me.

He spent more or less 15 minutes to create this masterpiece. I handed him the payment of IDR 12000 (SGD 1.3) and walked back to Nasi Campur Babi 888.

To my surprise, the had yet to start eating!

This is my lumpia basah! I love it

The rest also liked it and in the end I went to order another one. This time I was a bit smarter. I paid him and told him that I would be back in another 15 minutes.

When I went to pick up my order, nasi campur had not been served yet. But when I came back, they had started eating!

The nasi campur with sumptuous amount of meats and 3 small chunks of cucumber

All of them loved it, even mom who did not really eat pork. There are some kind of sauces that should be poured on to the rice and the meats to make it special. I could not really comment on it because I did not taste it.

They decided to come back the next day so they could bring this thing back to Palembang. I thought about how bf loved pork (more than he loves me) and decided to pack one portion for him too.

We then drove back to the hotel and got ready for bro's graduation the next day.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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