Saturday, January 28, 2017

Love for Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is one of the eastern suburbs of Sydney located approximately 11km from Sydney CBD. Watsons Bay area was inhabited by Cadigal people before the European settlement. During World War II, Sydney anti-submarine boom net was constructed here to prevent enemy from approaching. Three submarines were successfully prevented to enter Sydney Harbour in 1942.

Currently, Watsons Bay is a popular place among the locals as well as the tourists. There are ferry service from Circular Quay and various buses from the city to this place. Your choice.

Either you are taking the ferry and drop off at Watsons Bay wharf or alighting from the bus stop in Military Road, the first thing that you will notice is Robertsons Park. This park is located in between the wharf and the Gap. This park is suitable for playing, picnic, gathering, etc.

Robertson Park overlooking the wharf

It's a really nice place to relax

People, dogs, dogs, people

The main attraction of Watsons Bay is The Gap. It is the ocean cliff of Watsons Bay that faces the Tasman Sea. From the top of the cliff, the view of the sea and the cliff is just stunning. However, there was a tragedy behind this magnificent place. In 1857, a sailing ship 'Dunbar' was wrecked at the foot of The Wreck. The captain of the ship misjudged the cliff as the entrance to the harbour. The incident killed 63 passengers and 59 crews. Some were mutilated by sharks.

The magnificent sea cliff

The view towards the town from the above

The viewing platform

The footpath

The rough Tasman Sea keeps hitting the cliff

Keep walking

Keep taking pictures
The memorial of Dunbar shipwreck
There is a walking track along The Gap that allow people to waltz along the perimeter of Watsons Bay to be back to the wharf by passing by Hornby Lighthouse, Lady Bay Beach, Camp Cove and Laings Point.

We did not walk through the track. Instead we got back to the wharf to purchase our fish and chips dinner before walking along the beach and the town. Doyles is a famous seafood establishment here. There are a restaurant and a bistro/takeaway shop here. We chose the takeaway because we wanted to enjoy our seafood platter by the beach.

Doyles Fisherman Wharf

The menu

Our seafood platter

I found the taste of everything was much better when I first tried it in 2013. I was quite disappointed to find the seafoods were not well marinated. The taste of everything is simply too plain.

Let me move on from my whining, we walked along the Marine Parade towards Camp Cove. It was a fine walk with sea breeze and the sights of pretty houses by the side of the beach.

Overlooking the beach from Marine Parade

The beautiful houses

Camp Cove, where we had our dinner by the sea

The view

It is part of Sydney Harbour National Park

The sea, the cliff, the sky, I am so grateful

After dinner, we continued to walked along Camp Cove to another end to find a small seaside structure and a path leading up. We walked up and found a stunning view and a path towards Lady Bay Beach. Lady Bay Beach is one of the approved nude beach in New South Wales. We did not walk down but just peeked from the top. There were people there!

Camp Cove Beach

Even to just dip my legs into the water, I was happy enough
I love what I see

I wished it was not cloudy that day

Memorial to WWII perhaps?

The view from the top

No regret coming up top
Decision time whether to go down

When we walked back, it was almost 8:00 p.m., the sky started to turn dark blue with a hint of amber. It was not a perfect sunset like what I have expected but it still felt magical, especially I watched it with the man of my life. I felt blessed.

My kinda sunset

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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