Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello Parramatta!

Parramatta was founded by the British in the same year as Sydney in 1788, 10 months after the fleet set ashore in Sydney Cove. Previously, the Darug people occupied the area and named this place Burramatta (meaning heads of water). The Darug people were considered rich in foods from the forests and river.

The purpose of the British to move inland in 1788 is the crisis of food supply. Captain Arthur Phillip chose Parramatta as the potential farming area. A plot of land was granted to a convict named James Ruse and he succeeded as the first person who grew grains there.

Nowadays, Parramatta is considered the second CBD of Sydney. The population has increased over time and it reached almost 250,000 people in the city of Parramatta in 2016. It is located 23km west of Sydney CBD by the banks of Parramatta River.

Sydney and Parramatta is connected via Parramatta Road. Modes of public transport are also available. Train or ferry ride are the choices.

We chose the ferry ride from Darling Harbour to Parramatta Wharf. The 1-hour journey cost more than AUD 7. It was quite pricey but we just wanted to enjoy Parramatta River for once.

People enjoying the river from the ferry deck

The lush green Parramatta River

Some buildings by the banks of the river

Parramatta Wharf

Parramatta Wharf is located besides Queen's Wharf Reserve and Gasworks Bridge, which is the landing place of Captain Arthur Phillip in November 1788 in the attempt to find second settlement area inland of Sydney Cove. The wharf was in operation since 1831 and only serving one route from Parramatta to Sydney.

Walawa and Nalawola at Baramada

The map of Parramatta walking trail

Queen's Wharf Reserve 

Towards Gasworks Bridge

Gasworks Bridge

We decided to stop at this point and walk back

We walked towards the other side towards the city and Parramatta Park. It was about 2km walk on a flat track to the Park. We enjoy the good sights of the river, the bridges, the park at the opposite side of the river, the beautiful clouds and people playing with their dogs.

Strolling along

That's Parramatta Wharf

A unique bridge

River Foreshore Reserve at the opposite

That's the bridge to connect to the city

City of Parramatta
Another side of the city

Entrance to Parramatta Park

Parramatta Park was declared as public park since 1858

The trees
What a unique tree

Parramatta River passes through the park
Another view of the river

Australian ibises having some important meetings

There is vehicle access road too

Exit from another end

It was again another hot day. We strolled along the park for some time before deciding to spend the rest of the day in the air conditioned Westfield Parramatta. We are still Asians, anyway. We are afraid of the sun.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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