Saturday, December 10, 2016

Little Footprints in Rhodes

Rhodes is another suburb of Sydney, located at the south of Parramatta River, 16km west from Sydney CBD. A former resident of this area, Thomas Walker, named this area after the house of his grandmother in Leeds, England in the eighteenth century. In 1911, this area was developed into industrial area by manufacturing plants and factories. Currently, Rhodes is dominated by housings with commercial areas to complement the living.

The purpose of me going to Rhodes was to catch "The Fantastic Beast and Where to Get Them". Even there are a few cinemas at the CBD, the ticket price is just ridiculously high. I am so not to pay AUD 22 for a movie. So, to pay more than 50% less, I traveled further and I used the opportunity to explore.

Using the Opal apps as guidance, I traveled from Town Hall Station to Rhodes by train. The train was late by more than 15 minutes. I guess I need to get used to the lateness of buses and trains. No choice.

The journey to Rhodes took me about 45 minutes. Taking the train in Town Hall Station is more confusing since it is a major train station with many trains and destinations, unlike Rhodes Station which has only 2 directions.

Alighted in Rhodes Station, I walked out towards Walker Street. I continued walking along Walker Street and reached Rhodes Shopping Centre in 10 minutes. 

Walk. Walk. Walk.
Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre

Entering the shopping centre

The shopping centre houses quite a number of shops, including Ikea and Target. I reckon this shopping centre focuses more on daily needs, probably because this is the neighbourhood shopping centre. There are many arrays of eateries to choose, i.e. Ikea Food Hall, food court, some restaurants and cafes.

I chose to eat in Three Beans Cafe.

Three Beans Cafe
The interior. Cozy

My sandwich and coffee fix. Yum yum.

Later I found that Three Beans is a franchised cafe. There are a few branches that I have found at other places. I love the food and especially the organic coffee.

I walked around without buying anything, I caught my movie, and I walked out of the shopping centre to explore the neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is sure a new one. I could not spot a single old building here.

Rows of apartments and they are modern and new

My favourite again

I also walked along the banks of Parramatta River and Brays Bay. I wanted to continue to Rhodes Park but my phone was playing me by dropping dead all of a sudden. I really hate the new iOS that keeps doing this to my phone. I walked back to the station and then forced to hard restart my phone. It turned back on to 40%. What a waste that I was already at the station waiting for the train back.

Parramatta River
Brays Bay 
Oliveto Restaurant at the bank of Brays Bay

A little park

Approaching Rhodes Park, before my phone decided to betray me

Rhodes Train Station

I went back by train to Town Hall Station and upon exiting the station, I realized that the public transportation cost is capped to AUD 2.5 on Sundays. What a good news!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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