Sunday, July 2, 2017

Gold Coast Trip - Surfers Paradise, Party Paradise

I think one reason why I did not really enjoy Gold Coast is because I am not a partygoer. That must be true.

The centre of Gold Coast is an area called Surfers Paradise. It consists of a long strip of beach and a city full of entertainments (eat, drink, dance, eat, drink, dance...).

Array of restaurants and clubs

The (not so impressive) beach

The must have shot?

The mall with more shops, restaurants and clubs

Another shopping centre

I love tall man!

The last supper recreated with bread

She loves big man!

Those are from Ripley's Museum: Believe it or not!

There are also Sky Point Observation Deck, iFly, night market on Saturday, and many things else if you like everything but scenery.

Love is in the Air,
Little Feet

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  1. So sad you didn't like gold coast. I loved the long stretch of beach for evening runs, the creeks and rivers for kayaking, and the wildlife such as dolphins. It is definitely touristic given how it came to be but there were little pockets of delights which surprised me. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. That's probably because we have similar beach in Indonesia. I expect something a little bit different. :D