Saturday, July 15, 2017

Little Feet, Big Tummy - Our Food Diary

Somebody told me, "Asians take their foods seriously" and I can't argue with that. In my 8-year long of romantic relationship with my now fiance, we probably spent 80% of our dates eating. Cheap, expensive, sweet, savoury, anything, as long as we keep eating. Remember, happy tummy leads to happy life. And that's another reason we are growing BIGGER each year.

So, we did the same things when he visited me here in Sydney.

I am logging some of the foods that we enjoyed here during his visit in May. These are just some of many foods that we had.

1. Schnitz

I believe the name is taken from chicken schnitzel which is very popular here although it is originated from Austria. Schnitz is a food chain that has many outlets across Australia. I am not the fan of its chicken schnitzel but hey, the fries are awesomely good.

"Diamond cut & beet battered Tasmanian Russet potatoes cooked in 100% cholesterol-free vegetable oil and lightly sprinkled with Tom's secret seasoning," said the menu. Voila, we are sold.

2. Mappen Noodle Restaurant

A Japanese restaurant in Sydney CBD featuring udon and soba, in soup or dry version. There are many types of broth and sauce as well as the variety of tempura to choose.

The first time having it, I was so impressed with the tastiness. But after the second and the third visit, it feels kind of boring to the tongue. No matter what, that's a tasty bowl of noodle.

3. Uncle Tetsu

It's the famous Japanese cheese cakes that come in a few flavours. Other than the spongy cheese cakes, Uncle Tetsu also sells cheese tart and madeleines. Located in the same building as Mappen in Regent Place Shopping Centre, one can easily spot this shop by looking at the queue. People queue like crazy for the cheese cake.

If you are not buying the whole box or you want to taste as much flavours as possible, just head down to the cafe at the basement level. The price of the sliced cheese cakes are not much pricier.

My favourite is matcha cheese cake!

4. Guilty

We decided to try this out due to multiple shared posts we saw in Facebook. Everybody seems to rave about this mi goreng chicken burger, so we decided to give it a go.This innovation can be found in Guilty, a burger bar located in Darlinghurst. It's not an easy area to reach but we made our way. 

The burger consists of burger bun, mie goreng coated fried chicken and pickled vegetables. I think it's a nice twist pairing the fried chicken with the pickled veggie, you can still taste the MSG from the mi goreng and get a little bit of sourness from the pickles. However, the mi goreng are not fully coating the chicken as expected.

This famous establishment is probably one of the MUST VISIT for tourists in Sydney. It is jammed packed during weekends and it is even more packed as the sun goes further up.

We did not even try to get into the cafe. We just walked around (which was absolutely difficult) and had the coffee and the sweets.

The coffee from The Grounds is kind of my favourite in Sydney. Sipping the awesome coffee and taking a bite of the delicious fried donut, life is suddenly more colourful than it used to be.

6. Speedo's Cafe

Located in North Bondi and overlooking the famous Bondi Beach, Speedo's Cafe serves foods for the health conscious, the say-no-to-skinny-food and the one in between. No matter who you are, Speedo's offers whatever you need in delicious way.

I imagined it to be a place where I could listen to the sea breeze but apparently it's just a place full of buzzing sound of people chatting. The place is cramp, the alley way is too small, there are too many people sitting, there are too many people waiting to be seated, there are too many people picking up takeaway.

No matter what, I am in love with the banana pancake!

7. Brickfields

This brick-walled cafe at the corner of Cleveland Street and Balfour Street serves pastries and coffees as well as the great backdrop for your Instagram posts.

We ordered frangi pani tart, ham & cheese quiche and two cups of coffee. The tart was too sweet and the quiche was too salty. I am not a big fan but I got really nice pictures here. So, no regret.

8. Medan Ciak

A well-known place that serves Indonesian food in Surry Hills. Medan Ciak serves traditional Indonesian food like nasi padang, lontong sayur and nasi lemak as well as Medan-Chinese foods such as roasted pork rice and dumpling noodle. From time to time, it serves limited edition menu.

We tried out the lontong sayur which essentially has the same ingredients as the nasi padang, with rice cake and coconut curry broth instead of rice. I am not a fan of milky soup but the elements inside are so great. I love the chili sauce and the crispy potato crackers especially.

9. Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery is a cafe chain that serves many delightful pastries, from sweet to savoury. The outlet that I always visit is located at Barangaroo Avenue, just at the back of my apartment. Lucky me!

This is great breakfast spot if you are looking for a place to chill around Barangaroo. I love the red wine beef brisket pie and the mushroom & spinach quiche so much. This cafe serves terrific ice coffee too.

10. I Cook Too

As a bonus, I cooked too. Simple home-cooked meal for my most favourite person on this earth.

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