Thursday, February 2, 2017

Walking the Memorial Walk in Newcastle

Newcastle Memorial Walk is a coastal walk located above Memorial Drive and was constructed to commemorate the centenary of ANZAC in 2015. From Nobbys Beach, one can turn around and walk through Newcastle Beach and Bogey Hole to reach Newcastle Memorial Walk.

We were too tired to walk, so we took the bus to the city and walk up from Memorial Drive. We walked up and through the Memorial Walk to exit from the staircases nearby King Edward Park. Walking up and down for the 430m coastal work is totally worth all the sore!

The memorial walk offers a great view of South Pacific Ocean, Merewether Beach and Newcastle City. The steel bridge is modern looking with names of the war heroes written along the structure. I think that's a great way to pay tribute to all the heroes.

Carpark of Merewether Beach

Going uphill

Great view

At the top of the hill and the view is wow

Love the view and love the person that comes in it

I can stay like this forever

The city

Pretty city, Newcastle is
Who is not falling in love???

The steel bridge with names of the war heroes

At the end of the memorial walk

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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