Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bandung Trip - Pines in Maribaya

Since Bandung has changed so much, our destinations this time round were almost entirely new. Our first breakfast destination is Miss Bee Providore Cafe. It is one of the recently opened establishment and it is always packed with people. Many food bloggers have covered this place in their post and I guess it so-called increases the hype in this place.

It is located in Ciumbuleuit nearby our accommodation. We were out of the apartment at around 10 a.m. and we reached this cafe in about 10 minute drive. The car park was almost full when we arrived. We walked in and we were asked to wait since all the tables were occupied. 

We used the waiting time to play around the area. The place is green and cozy with a small yard nearby the outdoor seating. Perhaps it is due to the spaciousness, even though the place was full of people, it did not feel noisy nor suffocating. It was still homey and pleasant.

The parking lot and the facade
Rabbits at the backyard
Playing with the swing <3
Seesaw, who is heavier???
Indoor setting at the main building
It's so colonial
Indoor setting of the annex building, it was originally a green house I guess
Open space facing the backyard where we were seated

After waiting for awhile, we were seated and given the menu. We ordered a plate of fried rice (for dad because he has a stomach made in Indonesia), a portion of egg benedict, a portion of waffle, and a slice of carrot cake. It serves a pretty decent food, and topped with the cozy ambience, thumbs up!

Waffle for our sweet teeth

Our next destination was The Lodge Maribaya. The Lodge is located in Cibodas facing the pine woods of Hutan Raya Ir. Juanda (Er. Juanda National Forest Park). It was opened since 2010 as a camping ground and tourism spot. It can be utilised as outbond park and wedding venue too.

The entrance fee is IDR 25,000 (~SGD 2.6) per pax and it comes with a complimentary mineral water. The attractions inside, such as climbing the tree house, sitting on a sky swing, and pedalling the sky cycle, are on additional cost. We spent our time just walking around inside.

The entrance of The Lodge Maribaya
Walking down down down
A Lady selling Surabi, traditional Bandung snack made of flour and coconut milk and baked on top of traditional charcoal clay stove
Camping ground with onion shape tents, restricted area! 
All pines, as far as you can see
It reminds me of commercial of cleaning agent
The lower viewing platform

We kept walking downwards. There are a few viewing platforms and we stopped at every single one of them to take pictures of exactly the same background, pines.

Walking down, we have one additional member
View at lower panoramic spot 
Still a place to walk down
Everybody with phone except mom who always focuses to the camera
Looking at the future?
Green, red, pink, white, yellow, stripes

There are a few attractions inside which we can enjoy by paying certain additional fee. The queue was long thus we decided not to try. Besides, the ticket should be bought at the front counter and we were too lazy to walk back.

A tree house, you can climb up and get someone to take photo of you from the upper viewing platform. It looks cool
A sky swing (I don't know what is the official name of this thing), basically you just sit and the operator will move your swing towards the cliff so that you can get a cool picture of you swinging atop the pine woods
A sky cycle (again I do not know what this is called) and this is so called the most extreme one, you need to pedal along a line of cable till someone can take picture of you pedalling on the sky and you will be pulled back. It needs balance!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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