Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bandung Trip - Seeing You Again

Another chance to visit Bandung in a short getaway. And Bandung has changed quite a bit. The city has become more organized: no more flock of street carts along the vehicle lanes, more green spaces and city parks, more cafes and tourist spots. But one thing for sure, Bandung never fails to pamper my tummy. Never a moment I felt hungry when I were there.

Bandung, it's awesome seeing you again.

Bf and I landed in Hussein Sastranegara Airport on a Saturday afternoon. There were two schedules of flight from Singapore to Bandung on Saturday, at 12pm and 01:30pm. Unfortunately, we missed out the reasonable fare for 12pm flight.

The last time I went to Bandung, the airport was somewhat small and worn out. This time, with the status of new airport, I thought I would be welcomed by a cozy and spacious airport, but to my disappointment, it turned out to be similar to the previous one. There was no aviobridge and all passengers from different flights (domestic and international) were asked to walk along the tarmac to reach the departure hall. And another disappointment, there was no clear separation between domestic and international departure lanes and there was only an officer directing the passengers without checking whether they entered the right lanes. I could easily just walked into domestic departure. I guess this security aspect should be tightened.

It took us longer to queue for the immigration. Once we cleared the immigration, it was only a tiny room with a baggage belt and an exit lane with a scanning machine. I felt quite claustrophobic inside.

Once we were out, bro picked us up and we continued to drive to our accommodation which took forever!

Traffic jam in every part of Bandung.

Fast forward to dinner time. 

We decided to drive out to Jalan Cibadak and Sudirman Street Food, whereby both areas were famous for the non-halal food, before 7pm. We were stuck in terrible traffic jam and only reach the precinct at around 9pm.

7km ride in 2 hours.


Our first target was Nasi Campur Babi 888 Cibadak. It was actually for the rest since I was not into pork. I chose my favourite lumpia basah. (The post about these two can be seen in

Please take the queue number at Nasi Campur Babi and you can spend your waiting time walking around and tasting other foods around.

Lumpia Goreng (Fried Spring Roll) - savoury outside and sweet inside with peanut chili sauce, too bad the spring roll was already stone cold
Lumpia Basah - always my favourite, a spring roll (paw-piah) skin with generous filling of stir fried beansprouts, bamboo shoot, and egg
Nasi Campur Babi - picture speak louder than string of words I guess

We then walked along Jalan Cibadak and turned at a corner to Sudirman Street Food. We were actually entering the food court from the back. Sudirman Street Food is a new addition to culinary spots in Bandung. This place was up for operation since late 2015 and the lovers of non-halal foods could find anything pork here for sure.

We were not eating here but we enjoyed walking around and taking pictures along the art wall. It reminded me of Penang.

The food court itself is way better than what you can find in Jalan Cibadak, but again, the sensation of eating street food in Indonesia is no way comparable to something like a food court. I still prefer sitting at a worn out plastic chair on uneven pavement in front of someone's shophouse with street singers come and go. That's the art of eating street food.

First Glance of Sudirman Street Food
Jazz Coffee is really a stall inside Sudirman Street Food
Another cute art wall
Not a 3D mural but it's goooood
Mom shopping for pork skewers?
This is how the food court looks like, something like what we have in Singapore?
The main entrance of Sudirman Street Food area

After walking around for a bit, we went for my favourite late night snack in Bandung: Ronde Jahe Gardujati!

Wedang ronde is a glutinous rice ball immersed in ginger soup. The rice ball can be with or without filling. We ordered 2 portions of wedang ronde with peanut fillings, 1 portions of wedang ronde with durian fillings, and 2 portions of beancurd with ginger soup.  The rice balls were freshly made and boiled upon order.

There is another street cart beside Wedang Ronde Gardujati which sells bola obi or fried cassava ball which is my favourite too!

Me and my long-lost love!
Happy tummy happy face

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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