Saturday, December 26, 2015

Palembang Trip - Jia Zhuang in Palembang

Happy tummy is one of the indicators of happiness. My objective is to keep my friends happy when visiting my hometown.

After filling our tummies with all types of pempek, we went to purchase some souvenirs, which is another fish product, kemplang (fish cracker). Generally, there are two big family of kemplang, fried one and grilled one. However, there are many derivatives of kemplang that I will not talk about here.

We then went to the famous Es Asuk Koboi which sells es campur. Es campur is the mixture of red bean, cendol, grass jelly, fermented cassava in coconut milk and condensed milk topped with shaved ice. The old man that sells this started his legacy from being a street vendor with his wheel cart. Now he is a successful man with a shophouse as his store. Now, his es campur is sold IDR 14,000 (~SGD 1.5) per bowl.

Es campur - first look
Es campur - upon mixing

We then went over to our friend's house to participate in his jia zhuang occasion. In Palembang, we call it hantaran, whereby the bride brings over trays and trays of stuffs to enter her new house. As we are the friend of the groom, we straight away went to the groom's house and waited there. During the ceremony, we were asked to help taking over the trays and carrying them to the bridal suite.

We presented our handmade card, look at his delighted yet anxious face!
Jia zhuang done!

Then we continued our journey to explore Palembang. 

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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