Saturday, December 26, 2015

Palembang Trip - First Day with Food

The trip started with food. Upon arrival in Sultan Mahmud Badarrudin International Airport, we straightaway went to Cipta Rasa Restaurant for its nasi goreng merah (red fried rice). This fried rice was already a favourite since I was little and until now, it maintains the flavour!
The huge frying pan!
Red fried rice with side dishes of fried egg, sweet minced meat, melinjo crackers, and of course chilli sauce!
Then we went to Pempek Lenny. This is a food store that specialises in traditional food of Palembang, pempek (fish cake). The store sells all kind of pempek but its speciality is pempek kulit (fish skin cake). Pempek kulit is made of fish skin and flour, the shape is usually round and thin like a giant coin and it is eaten after being deep fried. Pempek kulit in Pempek Lenny is so crunchy and smells heavenly. One is priced as IDR 4000 (~SGD 0.4).

Crispy Pempek Kulit

We went to meet the lovebirds for dinner at Sari Laut Musi Restaurant. When we arrived, the lovebirds had been waiting for us and he had ordered enormous amount of seafood. There are kepiting saus padang (chilli crab), kepiting asap (smoked crab), cumi goreng tepung (fried calamari), ikan males tim (steamed marble goby), gurame goreng kipas (fried gurame in the shape of a fan), kari ikan (fish curry), and hotplate kangkung (morning glory hotplate). A lot, huh? But no worries, we are a bunch of eating warrior.

Posing before eating

After dinner, we drove one round to see the glorious bridge of Palembang, Ampera. However, both bf and I never went to the viewing platform so we went the wrong way and circled Ampera Bridge twice. We quickly gave up and moved on to our next destination: another food.

This time, we went to Martabak Malabar Boy. Martabak Malabar is essentially Indian style pancake, called murtabak, in Singapore. It consists flour, yeast, egg, and some filling (can be vegetables, meat, or just plain egg) fried on a giant circular pan. It is eaten with potato curry sauce. We ordered 1 special martabak (big size with both meat and veggie as the filling) at IDR 35000 (~SGD 4), 1 vegetable martabak and 1 egg martabak at IDR 20,000 (~SGD 2.3) each.

Three martabak, don't forget to pour the curry sauce and the chilli soy sauce onto the martabak. That's how you eat it!
Our first day ended here. We went home and slept early as we had more food to eat the day after.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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