Tuesday, October 17, 2017

In Auburn, not Japan

After living more than 27 years on this earth, I finally had a chance to see sakura.

Sakura is Japanese Cherry Blossom that are widely distributed at the temperate area of northern hemisphere. The blooming season of Cherry Blossom is just over two week period, usually from end March to early April.

But, I didn't go to Japan to view the flowers blooming. I went to Auburn.

Around the end of August when the winter was almost over, the cherry blossoms in Auburn Botanical Garden bloomed for two weeks. The two-week period was celebrated as Cherry Blossoms Festival in the Japanese Garden of Auburn Botanical Garden.

Japanese Garden includes a lake in the middle of the garden, a man-made mountain, a zen garden and some other Japanese features. During the Cherry Blossoms Festival, there were some cultural performances, food carts, etc.

I went there a week before the end of the festival around 11am. There was a free shuttle bus looping from Auburn Station to Auburn Botanical Garden and the queue had been formed from the station. I missed the first bus and hopped on to the second bus to see even longer queue at the entrance. After paying $5 entrance fee, I went in and found even more people.

Cooking Show

By one of the chefs I saw in TV

The cherry blossom trees were nowhere to be found near the entrance, so I kept walking and just following the stream of people. Wherever they walked, I walked.  And finally, I saw a glimpse of the trees. I walked towards the trees and found myself mesmerised when I looked at the pink canopy of flowers. They were so pretty.

The pinkish trees were shy


But, the place was not as lovely anymore as I saw people at every corner of the place trying to pose and get some pictures. I decided to walk away.


There I found a lake and there were more cherry blossoms at the other side of the lake. The lake looked and felt so Japanese (even though I haven't been to Japan at all) and I really loved it.

Picture perfect, if there were no people there

And the Japanese hut

Can you see the cherry blossoms???

I walked towards the other side of the lake to enjoy more cherry blossoms and to feel dreaded by more people.

The pretty picture always with the lens looking up

Some small one

Some more view looking up

Because it's just scary to look at my eye level

Nevertheless, they are pretty!!!

And me managed to get a picture with the help of a stranger

I decided not to stay for too long there because people just kept coming in. I circled the place and just headed out.

Another pretty sight

Can you spot the peacock?

Japanese gate

So, top tip for visiting Auburn Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. Come as early as you can because the later you are, the more people you will meet and the less photos you can take
  2. Purchase your ticket online as there's a special line for online ticket purchase and it will smoothen the entry process
  3. Don't drive and just take the public transport and the free shuttle bus, no way you can find parking easily

I won't be here next year and I hope I have a chance to view the blooming cherry blossoms at the origin country.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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