Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Walk through Darling Street in Balmain

Winter in Sydney is quite peculiar. The temperature goes up and down as it pleases. One Sunday, it was a sunny day up to 24 degree. I suddenly thought of going somewhere I'd never been. My feet suddenly just wanted to walk.

So I googled and found: Balmain.

Balmain is a suburb at the inner west of Sydney, located just at a small peninsula opposite Miller's Point. Balmain is one of the areas with historical significance to Sydney and New South Wales. The area was previously inhabited by the Aborigins before being granted to Dr. William Balmain in the 1800. Dr. Balmain transferred the entire estate to John Gilchrist to settle his debt, but this transfer was challenged by Balmain's descendants over the years.

During the legal battle, the area was leased for farming and cattle purposes up to 1836. It was then developed as industrial area until 1900s. Due to its waterfront location and the proximity to Sydney CBD, Balmain was then turned into residential area up to now.

There are about 10,000 people residing in Balmain and more than 60% of them were born and bred in Australia. Apart from residential clusters, Balmain also has a commercial area called Darling Street. It has boutique shops, cafes, restaurants alongside the old landmarks of Balmain.

I started my journey in Rozelle Collectors Market. Rozelle is another area just south of Balmain and Rozelle Collectors Market is happening every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. This market specialises in second hands and antiques and it is located within the outdoor area of Rozelle Public School at 663 Darling Street.

Welcome to Rozelle Collectors Market

Vintage and secondhand fashions


More antiques

I am not an antique collectors but I enjoy looking at those stuffs. Some of the things even look like coming from 18th century or older. I don't see much of secondhand market in Singapore or Indonesia and I thought about how Asians don't actually buy secondhand stuffs, probably there's the reason why no such thing happening there.

Apart from the antiques, Rozelle Market also has a section of foods and as usual, street performer. I really enjoyed looking at people eating al-fresco and enjoying the music.

The duo for the day

The food area

Outside the market, there is big seating area overlooking the road

I continued my journey walking along Darling Street, had a quick lunch in one of the busy cafes, continued walking and being in awe of the old town. For me, it is kind of feel like Bowral, it feels local. 

Apart from the commercial area, I passed by some landmarks of Balmain such as the town hall, police station, post office and fire station. All of them are in the original colonial style buildings and I admire how they stick with the heritage point of the area. At the end of the busy street, there lies Gladstone Park and St. Andrew Congregational Church at the opposite side of the road. Balmain Market is held at the yard of St. Andrew Church every Saturday. I missed that.

Darling Street

The sun was in the good mood 

Cafe & residential area

The Town Hall

Balmain Fire Station

Police Station

Post Office and Clock Tower of Balmain

Gladstone Park

Climb a few steps and you'll see this beautiful park

The silhouette of St. Andrew Congregational Church

The church from the front

Who doesn't fall in love with this?

I continued my walk all the way to Balmain East Wharf. After Gladstone Park, I walked into residential neighbourhood up to the end. There is another historical building at the wharf, called Fenwick's Stone Building. It was a storage unit that proved significance to Balmain maritime industry. It is currently unused but may be refurbished to cater for waterfront dining area. If it happens, it will be pretty badass, I guess.

Fenwick's Stone Building

Balmain from the wharf
Hello Sydney Harbour!!! You look stunning

Barangaroo from the other side

I took 5 minute ferry ride back home and checked another bucket list.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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