Sunday, September 3, 2017

10km Little Footprint from Spit Bridge to Manly

This walking trail is undoubtedly one of the most popular, if not THE most, trail in Sydney. It spans along 10km of coastal, bush and residential walks along the North Sydney peninsula. 

Manly Scenic Walk, it is.

Actually, the whole walk is 20km spanning from Spit Bridge to North Manly. However, the first half is much more preferred. The walk takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete with a steep incline towards Dobroyd Head. It can be done both ways, either from Spit Bridge to Manly or from Manly to Spit Bridge.

From the Spit Bridge, walkers shall head under the bridge and follow the Fisher Bay Walk along the Shell Cove. At the Clontarf Beach, the walk can be continued along the beach or walkers can choose to walk along the residential area and get back to the track at Clontarf Point. From here, it is about 30-40 minute incline walk within the bushes up to Dobroyd Head. There is a branch to detour to Grotto Point Light House at one point.

The view at the top of Dobroyd Head is just magnificent and this is "the thing" of this walk, in my opinion. After Dobroyd Head, the other half of the walking trail is much easier. Walking down, getting to another beach, walking flat, getting to another beach promenade, walking further, and voila, Manly is waiting there.

Spit Bridge

The start of Fisher Bay Walk

Towards Clontarf Beach

One of the secluded beach towards Clontarf Reserve

Clontarf Beach

The start of the incline

Further up

Almost there

Almost reaching the highest point

The view from Dobroyd Head

View to another side shows how high we are

Thanks, stranger 

Start of the downhill

Down at Reef Beach

Manly is somewhat near
My favourite photo of the day

The promenade before the last residential area to Manly

Hello, Manly!

The walk is pleasant, although it is long. I love it because it didn't bore me down with the same view. Sometimes, I got beaches. Another time, I got pretty houses or cliffs or no view at all (I am talking about the trees and bushes).

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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