Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sydney Thai Town

Sydney has the biggest population of Thai in Australia and therefore, a Thai Town was established in Sydney back in 2000. Thai Town is located along Campbell Street near Haymarket and consists of Thai eateries and grocery stores.  The comprehensive guide to Thai Town can be found here.

Map of Thai Town (source:

I didn't know the existence of this place until I accidentally walked into it. I was finding a place to eat on one fine Sunday and googled upon Boon Cafe. Located in Pitt Street, Boon Cafe is said to serve cafe food with a Thai twist and awesome coffee. As it's not far from my place, I decided to give it a try.

As I walked into Pitt Street, I could feel the theme already: shop signs in Thai language, stores selling Thai dessert, Thai restaurants. I didn't spend my time looking around since I knew where I wanted to go. Boon Cafe.

Boon Cafe is part of Chat Thai group and this cafe turns Thai food into cafe food. The cafe shares a compound with a Thai grocery store called Jarern Chai. The place is kind of small and too cluttered. Small tables and wooden stools at one side, narrow alleys and racks at another side. But I love the tasty food and the awesome coffee.

I also spent sometime looking around the grocery store. I felt nearer to home when I saw so many Asian staples which I am familiar with.

Thai dessert food cart

Who can't resist mango sticky rice?

Jarern Chai and Boon Cafe

Tropical fruits welcomed me
The cafe

The place is too small :(

I love my brown rice, spicy mince pork, chicken liver and salad (I can't remember what this is called - pardon me)
Dessert in Boon Cafe

I know someone who will buy the whole basket

All the Thai ingredients

Sydney is a really good place to be stranded. I am away from home but I almost never feel away. With the mixture of people here, I can interact with people from my own country, I can eat the foods from Southeast Asia as often as I want, I can buy all the ingredients that I need too (with the price being compromised though).

Yeah, I am so lucky to be "stranded" here.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet 

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