Sunday, August 27, 2017

Little Feet's First Winter

Seasons just passed. This is already the end of winter. How time flies, I don't know, I am still kind of amazed.

I can now proudly say that I have survived my first winter. I don't think I did it very well but at least I did not cry over the bitter coldness or refused to go to work. I woke up many times at dawn just to feel cramps and numbness of my feet. I got my skin cracking and peeling off as the weather was really dry. I was defeated by winter flu once and saved by the antibiotics. I was pushed by 40 km/h wind when I walked to the office. I was constantly hungry. I felt myself at the laziest even to drag my butt off my bed.

I know why the animals choose to hibernate in the winter. I want it too.

But, even though I felt all the laziness in this world, my little feet still urged me to explore. I spent some of my weekends going out, mostly to go for yoga, to restock my grocery or just to eat. Some other time, when I felt more energetic, I actually picked a place to go for a day and let myself loose. I walked and walked and walked until it's time home.

Pretty sights that I bumped into while walking around the city always amazed me. I have been there for many times, but when the season changed, it's transformed. I always wonder how the same place can feel and look different over different season. Living in the tropical country for all my life, I didn't have this kind of luxury to experience season changing. And this year, when I finally saw it with my own eyes, it felt magical.

Central Station, on my way to get my Chinese groceries (tofu, tempeh, kecap manis, sambal, etc.)

Bondi Junction when I walked back from one of my yoga classes

Wynyard Station, on the way back home

Winter Ferris Wheel at Bondi Beach

Once upon a sunset at Pyrmont Bay

Winter Skating Ring in front of St. Mary Cathedral

It's a pleasure to see some blooms in winter

A stroll through Belmore Park

Central Station Clock Tower at the back there

Somewhere near Martin Place

St. Andrew Cathedral and Sydney Town Hall

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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