Saturday, June 17, 2017

Last Autumn Weekend, Kings Cross Market

Autumn in Sydney is not visible until very very late. The only sign of autumn in Sydney is the temperature cooling down from March onwards.

That's the last weekend of autumn, when I decided to go for a little walk. By little walk, I mean, 2.7km walk to Kings Cross Organic Food Market.

Not that I wanted to shop groceries in a market 3km away from my house, I just wanted to see the hype, the people, the buy-sell activities, everything.

I am so much satisfied with the walk.

Somewhere along Kent Street, late May view

Supreme Court of New South Wales

Hyde Park Barracks

Golden and crispy looking trees

Little Feet amongst the leaves

St. Mary Cathedral, looking gorgeous in autumn!

Upon passing Hyde Park, I stepped into Wooloomooloo, an inner city eastern suburb of Sydney. Located 1.5km from Sydney centre, Wooloomooloo is the home of famous Kings Cross and Potts Point.

Probably derived from an aboriginal word "wallamullah" which means place of plenty, Wooloomooloo got its name. It was originally a working class area of Sydney and just recently went through redevelopment to attract more homebuyers.

What a cute way to derive the name

Looking at this, I am stupefied

And the sunshine

After walking about 40 minutes, I finally reached Kings Cross Organic Market. The market is held weekly in the vicinity of iconic Al Alamein Fountain. Al Alamein Fountain is the memorial of the soldiers who died in World War II during the battle in Al Alamein, Egypt. The dandelion-shaped structure was completed in 1961 and won many awards afterwards.

First sight of Kings Cross Organic Market

The fountain and a sign post showing distances to various cities in the world

What a pretty backdrop for a market

Food stalls
Fresh produces, homemade stuffs

A terrific french patisserie

After walking around, I decided to but the almond croissant and it was superb! A very nice friend asked me out for lunch and I quickly agreed to it. I walked another 2km or so to Surry Hills and catch a bus from there.

People say Sydney has terrible public transport. I agree with that but I love walking around this beautiful city. And I like to amuse myself with little things that I found.

Like this cute mailbox asking for pizza voucher

And this pretty little red door

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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