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Palembang Trip - Another Wedding Project for Bouquet & Boutonniere

Bouquet & Boutonniere was so delighted when the bride-to-be decided to have the wedding planning service.

The wedding shall be about the two lovebirds. So I decided to ask more about them and to propose something uniquely for them.

  • Theme: Winter
  • Colour palette: White & Tiffany Blue
  • Ornament: penguin, snow flakes

The bride is so in love with penguins and the groom is so in love with the bride. So, I believed the groom's main objective would be to give happiness to his wife. Winter-themed wedding seemed a great choice.

B&B was engaged since March 2015, first proposal was out in the same month and the concept was approved from the first cut. While waiting for the confirmation of the ballroom, B&B assisted the bride in recommending places for pre-wedding photo shoot in April 2015.

Photos in Arab Street area, Singapore - recommended by B&B

The ballroom was confirmed sometime in May 2015. Before the confirmation, I took a tour there to see what kind of decoration would be required for the wedding.

A new event venue in Palembang

After the ballroom was confirmed, we started working on each of the elements of the wedding, i.e. stationery, decoration, vendor engagement, event rundown.

Wedding stationery set

We started from the idea of having a paper wedding invitation with fold-over card and inserts to cater for both Indonesian and Chinese Insert. However, due to circumstances, the plan changed. In the end we decided to have a not-so-normal invitation card in the shape of a spunbond shopping bag. The front is the 'cover' and the back is the invitation details in Indonesian. There is double-sided insert card in the bag for Chinese version and location map of the ballroom. The addressee card was tied to the handle of the bag.

Nearing to the date of the wedding, more and more things came up. The bride was stressed up at some times but together we went through all. She is a lucky bride. The ballroom threw stage decoration, 8 standing flowers, and 1 wedding gate in the package. We only needed to do some 'enhancement'. Apart from that, the ballroom is so pretty that it is almost enough without anything.

B&B also gave the concept of the wedding cake. To suit the theme, a wedding cake with snowflakes and penguin cake topper is proposed. As the room is so big, I told the bride that at least 7-tier cake would be needed.

And this is the result!

B&B also assisted the bride in searching her dream bouquet. Cascading bouquet with roses and orchids were the idea. Since orchids were not in season, the florists changed it to carnation.

Pink roses and blush carnations

We did not forget the personal flowers/accessories. I created the bride's wrist corsages and some corsages/boutonniere for the family.

Boutonniere for the family
Wrist corsage for the receptionists
Wrist corsage with satin flower
Wrist corsages for the bride for her holy matrimony (gold) and wedding reception (white)

And of course, B&B is so delighted that the couple entrusted the decoration enhancement of the venue to us. Let's tour the ballroom to see what B&B has done to enhance the wedding theme!

The canvass picture of the bride and the groom
Reception table
Photo album table

These were the decoration for the reception area. All the props were specifically created/chosen to cater for the theme. 

A photo wall was installed to serve as both photo booth and photo gallery. As the expected numbers of guests would be enormous, the photo wall would be beneficial to let the guests enjoy the pre-wedding photos of the couples without the need of queueing over the photo album.

The photo wall specially designed for them 
The table decoration
My favourite photo!

Not much enhancement needed for the ballroom as the standard decoration was already sufficient. What I did was only to fill in the aisle and add on the colour. And of course, adding a little bit of decoration to the VIP area.

The stage
The start of the aisle 
The wedding gate with our enhancement
Going nearer to the stage
VIP area with table number card specially designed for the wedding
Also with chair ribbons

The event ran smoothly according to what we wanted although some changes were required here and there. Good coordination with other vendors is needed to ensure no hiccups in the event rundown. And thank God, we managed it. The main procession started on time and it ran smoothly till the end. We did not even have proper full-dress rehearsal due to time constraint. I was relying on proper briefing to the families, master of ceremony, dancers, and ballroom staff.

The King and The Queen of the Day, learning how to walk on the aisle
The main procession of cake cutting

I am so happy to serve the couple and I am more than happy to bring smiles to their faces at the end of the day. I am turning their dream wedding into reality and the hard work for these 6 months have been paid off. All thanks to the assistance given by the vendors and of course, my crew for the day.

Pretty dresses from Proper Pride by Jesica Glenny
The guests with the bride and the groom

Bouquet & Boutonniere is ready for new projectsssss. So, do not hesitate to contact me. B&B knows how to turn your dream wedding into reality.

Febrina Aryani
Wedding Planner
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Love is in the air,
Little Feet (your Wedding Planner)

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