Monday, July 21, 2014

Medan Trip - The Day for Celebration

Why were we visiting Medan? Of course to attend wedding!

So, there we were on a fine Tuesday morning, preparing ourselves to attend the morning ceremony of the bride's wedding!

When we arrived there, she had not finished her bridal make up session. So we waited patiently and took selfie!

Heya there, so happy for our friend!

According to Chinese tradition, the groom should come to the bride's house to pick up the bride and marry her. When the groom came, there was a small ceremony held based on the tradition of Hokkien. The bride and the groom then exchanged rings in the witness of family members and close friends.

And of course they kissed!

After that, the groom brought the bride to their future house. We also followed. At their future house, the family members of the groom had gathered for the tea ceremony.

We did not watch their tea ceremony. Instead we went up to see their house and bridal suite.

Bridal suite <3

When the tea ceremony for the groom's family finished, the bride changed her gown and they went back to the bride's house for another session of tea ceremony with the bride's family.

The bride in red

We stayed for a while before going back to Anam's house to rest and prepare ourself for the wedding dinner.

Ready for the wedding dinner!

We arrived at the ballroom so early that we had chance to roam around and take photos before the dinner started.

Selfie again with Mr. Selfie
We had a table reserved for us!!!
Group photo with one additional CEE member :)

The dinner lasted for about 2 hours or more and we enjoyed the night!

Congratulation, Bride and Groom!

And this wedding dinner put a full stop into our journey in Medan. We headed back to Singapore the next day.

Special thanks to Anam and his parents that host us very well during our stay.

Medan, you'll be missed! See you during Anam's wedding!

Medan Trip - Fin

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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