Sunday, July 13, 2014

Medan Trip - Day and Night of Samosir

Another folklore to start the post.

Long long time ago, there was a king and his son whose name was Si Manggalae. Manggalae died in a war and the king turned very sad. Therefore he ordered his people to create a wooden doll that looked like his son in terms of size and face. The spirit of the son then entered the wooden doll and made the doll able to move and cry just like human.

The wooden doll could move with the beat played by mangondangi (Batak drum). The doll was named Sigale-gale due to the weak movement. The real Sigale-gale could be watched long time ago in Samosir, but now what we could watch was only the robot version of it.

Dancing Sigale-gale in Desa Tomok

After finished watching the show which cost us IDR 5000 (SGD 0.55) per person, we walked to the tomb of King Sidabutar. In this area, we met Mr. Bedman who offered us the story of King Sidabutar for IDR 20000 (SGD 2.2). So we paid and listened to him.

The king, the queen, the minister, and the elephants

The courts of the king

A tomb with thousand stories behind it

Mr Bedman told us that the king had big head, big eyes, big nose, and long hair. The head was big as the sign of his cleverness and wisdom, the eyes were big because he could easily judge other people correctly from the look, the nose was big due to his ability to smell good and bad intents of other people, his hair was long and strong because there was the power in it when he swung it.

At the other end of the tomb was his queen. To melt the queen's heart, the king and his prime minister accepted a challenge to tame two elephants. The king went for a journey to Aceh and brought back a pair of elephants. However, these two elephants could not live in Samosir and died not long after.

In front of the tomb, there was the trusted prime minister. He was from Aceh and back to Aceh after the king has died.

At the side of the tomb was the courts of the king. And at further end there was another tomb of King David who was already a christian while King Sidabutar still believed in animism.

You can throw money at these naked boys so they can swim and pick the money

We went back to the boat so the boat could transfer us to the cottage at Tuk Tuk Village. The cost of chartering the boat for a few hours was IDR 800000 (SGD 86). After the boat sent us to the cottage, his duty finished. We checked in to Hotel Carolina and got our room facing the lake.

Our room
The view from our room
Relaxing and enjoying the breeze

We spent our evening relaxing at the balcony. At around 5:00 p.m. we moved our lazy ass and walked around Tuk Tuk. We took some photos and settled for dinner at the hotel in the end due to limited choices outside.

We are at Samosir YEAYYYY

The food at the hotel was quite nice and cheap. After dinner, we sat at the lobby to watch the third presidential debate. After that, I went back to the room to shower. It was very cold at night and only my room had hot shower. What a hotel. :P

And after that, all of us sat by the lake to get really amazed by the night sky. We gazed at the southern sky and it was so amazing!!!!!

I was so happy that night I slept with a smile from my ear to another ear.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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