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Manado Trip - Special Thanks to Hari Hari Mini Market & Bakery

Our trip in Manado would not be that happening if it was not for Erland and his shop. So, I decide to express my gratitude by dedicating one special post for Hari-Hari Minimarket & Bakery.

A little bit about Erland.

He was born in Ternate and when we was little, his family moved to Manado. For me, he is a Manado person but keeps saying that he is from Ternate. His family run a mini market and a bakery in front of their house. And he went back from Singapore to pour his whole heart into the business and helped his family.

It's Hari Hari Mini Market & Bakery.

Hari-Hari Mini Market & Bakery is located in Jalan Daan Mogot No. 48, Tikala Baru, Manado. It is somewhere near Kantor Walikota Lapangan Tikala (Town Square).

Our days in Manado were much easier because of Hari Hari Mini Market & Bakery:
1. We stocked our mineral water from this shop and the price was apparently much cheaper than other places.
2. Our daily snacks were provided by Hari Hari Bakery. All were finger-licking good!
3. When we suffered from heavy itchiness due to sunburn and excessive sweat, we bought the skin powder talc here.
4. The bakery also sold quite a number of iconic Manado snacks for us to pack home. Erland's parents helped us to contain them nicely inside boxes for our convenience.

It was really a five-star service!

When you park your car at the car park in front of the shop, you shall see the big mini market. I think that shop should not be called mini market due to the huge size and the extensive products carried. From my observation, you can practically buy any of your daily needs here: mineral waters, biscuits, instant noodles, milks, detergents, note books, simple toys, etc. You can name it and they have it.

If you turn to the left, you shall see a small door leading to the bakery. The space is not too big but there are two tables with a few chairs followed by two racks facing each other to display their products and a cashier at the end of the room.

The front of Hari Hari Mini Market & Bakery
The door that you MUST go through when you visit Hari Hari Mini Market

The rack that I am talking about

The cashier

I did not take photos on the interior, so please, go and have a look yourself. :)

I would review whatever things that we have eaten:

1. Angka Durian
This is a traditional cake made of glutinous rice flour, sugar, coconut milk, and durian. It tastes just nice, not too sweet and not too bland with durian sensation. This is everyone's favorite!

Angka Durian. The green color comes from real pandan essence.

2. Nasi Jaha
Nasi jaha is glutinous rice that is spiced with ginger and soaked in coconut milk before getting stuffed into a bamboo and barbecued. For people who do not really like ginger, this food may not be so edible. But for me, it is nice!

Nasi jaha. It can be eaten without any complementary dish, but feel free if you want to do so!!!

How to make nasi jaha. Photo credit to

3. Makao
I tried to google this food to search for its origin and other related history, but it turned nothing out. I do not really know what this food is, but let me tell you that this is one of the foods that made us 'wow' and 'umm' and 'uhh' and 'I want more'. I should say that this is some kind of fried bun with mixed vegetable stuffing. Do not fret when you hear vegetable because the veggies have been cooked in such a way that they all taste nice. While eating makao, please use the sweet and sour sauce. It will create richer taste.

Makao. It is like calzone of Manado. Yayyy.

4. Panada
Panada is a fried bun stuffed with spiced skipjack tuna. It is best to be eaten piping hot just when it is out of the frying pot. The shape is similar to Singapore curry puff but the skin is not crispy, there is certain thickness to the dough. The dough tastes savoury and it blends well with the filling. It is almost heaven. :)

Panada. It was originated from Spanish who conquered Manado way back then.

5. Puding Cokelat
This is one of the modern creations of Hari Hari Bakery. The pudding comes in a plastic cup and what you need to do is just scoop it and put it into your mouth. The bitterness of the chocolate pudding and the sweetness of the custard will melt in your mouth. You can also taste that there is rum used for this pudding.

Puding Cokelat dalam Cup ala Hari Hari Bakery

6. Roti Panggang Kenari Mini
Those who have been to Java must have known bagelan and this is it! The only difference is the topping. Instead of having butter spreaded on top of the bread, it is canary nuts. It comes in bite size and super crispy! I am a big fan of nuts so don't ask me to review.

Bagelan Kenari. By the look you know how crispy this thing is.

7. Halua Kenari
This is my personal favorite. Please imagine nougat and this is made using the same concept. It is basically caramelized sugar and canary nuts. I love the bitter and sweet taste of the caramel! Yoohoo. How I love this thing.

Halua kenari. One pack comes in ten small pieces.

8. Bagea Kenari
This is another snack made using canary nut. However this one is sort of savoury version. Bagea kenari is made of flour, canary nut, and a lot of garlic. The taste is too garlic for me. If you are a vampire, don't dare to touch this thing!

Bagea Kenari. So garlic. I can't really stomach this.

9. Keripik Pisang
Keripik pisang or banana chip can be found everywhere around the world. EVERYWHERE, yes. But the chips that we ate here were quite different. I don't whether it's the standard banana chips in Manado or it is just here. Anyway, it did not matter at all. We enjoyed that. We tasted two types of banana chips, sweet and savoury. The sweet one is unique due to the caramelized brown sugar covering the banana chip. The savoury one is very thin and crispy. I think the banana slices are soaked in salt water to create that kind of smooth saltiness.

Keripik Pisang Asin

Keripik Pisang Manis

10. Keripik Keladi
Keladi is yam. Keripik is chip. Keripik keladi is yam chip. Yes. And for me, this is special too! Hari Hari Bakery provides two flavors: original and spicy. We did not by the original flavor because original is too mainstream. We bought spicy yam chip and it made us fall in love!

Keripik Keladi. Original (left) and spicy (right).

11. Pia Saronde
Pia Saronde comes from Gorontalo. It tastes similar to bakpia pathok from Yogyakarta although less crispy. I can feel that the dough is slightly thicker. Hari Hari Bakery sells pia saronde in chocolate and cheese flavor. I bought cheese flavor and I noticed that there was slight taste of peanut in the cheese filling.

Pia Saronde. From Gorontalo. Actually there are a lot of flavors but when I went there I only saw chocolate and cheese flavors.

Other than what I have described above, Hari Hari Bakery has a lot more to offer! Below are some of them to let your saliva run wild.

Biapong Unti. Fried bun with coconut and brown sugar filling.

Kue Cucur. Caramel cake with hole-y texture.

Mocha cake

Lumpia. Spring roll.

Panekuk. Rolled pancake with coconut and brown sugar filling.

Risoles. Rissole in English. This is a famoush snack, I believe.

Roti Daging Sapi. Beef Bun

Roti Kasur Cokelat Keju. Chocolate Cheese Bread.

Susen. Custard cream puff.

Wajik. Glutinous rice + coconut milk + sugar. 

Es Kacang Tanah. Peanut Shaved Ice
Es Cendol Susu. Chendol + Grass Jelly + Jelly + Milk.

Throughout our journey in North Sulawesi, our tummies were kept full by Hari Hari Bakery. This is the least I can do to say my thanks. So, if you visit Manado, ensure that you come to this mini market and bakery. You won't be disappointed.

Can you see our boxes there? Those were to be brought back to our places so we could share the delicacies!

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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